Let Her Be ((DeathNote FanFic))

"Let her be." His sweet voice echoed through the hallways of Wammy's lively orphanage. I sat alone on the steps of the majestic home and wondered if I could ever 'be'.


3. Beyond.


A. Thats who I am. A letter. A nobody. I rested my forehead on the glass, it acting like a mirror as equally wet tears slipped down both the glass and my heartbroken face. It meant so much that stupid promise. And though I could try my hardest to stop myself from feeling this way, it never worked, I didn't know how to cure this disease. I wiped at my tears with my sleeve and turned, expecting to see Near, but Roger stood there instead. I stepped back, falling against the icy cold of the glass. 

"A?" Near's voice muffled from the man that stood between him and I. Roger turned and stared him away. He could be really scary. I took a deep breath, readying myself for some sort of 'learning' lecture. I hung my head, allowing my hair to cascade around my face again. I smiled at its curtain like cover. 

"A. I'd like you to meet Ru- erm, Backup." I looked up, a boy my age standing an arms length away from Roger. 

"Don't call me that." The boy stated. He was so familliar. 

"But that is what you are." A voice that pierced through my skin entered before the body followed. But when that face appeared and ran into his arms. Though those arms weren't awaiting me. 

"Law-!" I began but was stopped by a slim pale hand. 

"Shh A." HIs voice so emotionless that it nearly made me cry. Why was he being so cold? I hugged him tightly. Having no response, I hugged him a little tighter. "Please." He said blatantly pushing me away. I felt my mouth opening, my bottom lip quivering. I looked up, watching his numbers, his lifespan longer than when I had first seen it. It then dawned on me, that he was pushing me away and it was that that was causing his numbers to change. I smiled weakly as I watched them bounce near his spiky black mess of hair. I looked down, before looking over at Backup. He looked alot alike Lawliet. In fact, he could easily be mistaken for his twin. 

"A relative?" I asked with confused eyes, flickering my aching eyes from Lawliet to Backup and so on. 

"Dear god no." Lawliet dismissed me and began to walk away. "See to it he follows as you are A." I searched my hands feeling to moment slipping away from me. 

"W-wait! L! Y-ou-u...You..." I grabbed his arm. He looked over at me with wide bored eyes. 

"I...?" He said, his voice monotone like and flat, no life lived there now. 

"You promised you'd come back... And you.... Never did." I whispered. Feeling the weight of the pain that was building inside of me being spilt. 

"I've found my place now. And here is yours. As you were... Alice." He used my name and ruffled my hair with his hand. I caught his hand and held it with trembling hands. "Goodbye for now." Lawliet pulled away and left me standing there once again. 

"N-no!" I called after him as he slipped past Near and towards the doors that lead outside. I pushed past Roger and followed. "L!" I called, feeling that his true name should not be revieled. 

"Goodbye Alice." He said sternly as he closed the doors behind me, my face only missing the stiff wood. I waited and then opened them, flinging myself out into the rain. I watched as a black car silently rolled away down the road. I ran halfway out of Wammy's garden drive and found myself wet to the bone. My clothes clinging to me, soaking through. My hair soddened with the faling rain. I saw yet another chance. No one would see my tears here, no one can see your tears in the rain.




I plodded back inside, collapsing to my knees once I had closed the door, my head resting on the firm wood. Puddles of rainwater collecting on the floor. My hands rested awkwardly on the floor besides my buckled legs. 

"Stop it. Stop hurting." Near's voice whispered to me. His dear face watching me with his deep wide eyes. I laughed though it sounded like a cry of surrender.

"I can't.... People can't stop hurting Near." I whispered as I stared into his eyes. He tried with fail to twirl my wet locks. They slipped heavily and fell dripping yet more water onto my body. I came to stand, pulling my heavy hair into a wet dripping pony. The bobbe straining at its weight. 

"Your to show B around." Near said flatly. B? Backup? I sighed and returned to the room B had turned up in with shame hung from my shoulders. My eyes blank, face flat, no smile, not even a frown. I looked over at B and he reluctanty followed me. I walked him through Wammy's stopping at important points, until we reached the only room left. His bedroom. I opened the door and gestured for him to enter. 

"You don't say much." I looked up from the floor at his bold eyes. They twitched slightly. I rubbed at mine, feeling the irritant of contacts hitting me once again. "They hurt don't they?" He said quietly. I tiptoed a little more interested. Closing the door behind me. He smirked.

"Y-you..?" I felt my eyes scrunching slightly in disbelief. He looked slightly above my head and my eyes widened. "No! You? You have them?!" A slight smile breaking through my pain. I ran up to the boy and stared into his eyes. I was too close for comfort on a normal scale, but I couldn't hide my happiness at finding another like me. I held his face in my hands inspecting his eyes deeply, turning his head this way and that.

"Gentle dear." He smiled. 

"Backup show me!" I nearly screamed. He threw me off of him and I stumbled slightly. "Huh?" I choked out stabling myself. 

"Don't call me that!" He shouted. I bit my lip at his harsh words. 

"Then..." I crept a little closer to the dark boy. "What shall I call you?" I watched as a mad smile spread over his pale lips.

"Call Me Beyond.... Beyond Birthday."

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