the wolf trap

You want it badly.
It could kill you.


1. The wolf trap

The night was coming.
I was in front of the house i was told i have too search. A small,filthy house.
I could feel the cold air from the forest in the darkness.
I was in the middle of nowhere,far away from civilization,standing in the dust of the road,thinking that maybe it was'nt a good idea coming all this way.
I was almost sure that i'll leave as i arrived,with nothing worth it,but my curiosity was stronger than ever.
I approached the small door and knocked three times.
I knocked again.I was disappointed.
I was leaving,when the door opened behind me.
Someone was in there.I saw a hand inviting me to enter.
Finally i was going to find out if my journey was in van or not.
I entered the small filthy room,it had dirt on the floor.
In the center i saw a tall man,an old man,with his savage look,with his matted beard.He was inspiring respect.
He was like a Joan the Baptist,a savage baptist,with ferocious look and pure madness in his trobled eyes.
A baptist that a long time ago i saw on the walls of an old church,with hoards of sinners around him,and below bands of demons with long bent nails pricking with their gallows those filthy naked humans,leading them to hell.
If this baptist was here,i imagined he surely would have the devils around maybe in the cellar or hidden in the dirty walls.
I just dont know why i had those thoughts right then.

Without telling me a word,he turned around and began unlocking the door behind him,a door as rotten as the other at the entrance.
I saw that black big key anf heard a noise of iron hitting iron.
I followed him in a darker room.
Next to the wall i heard him saying with a dry voice:
-Here it is.
I approached and asked for a candle.
I saw it.Leaned i saw the cross.
That mythical cursed cross.
The cross of Vlad the Impaler.
So much unholly dirty blood flowed on that wood cross.
At first i heard about it,then to see it,then i searched it,and now was here just in front of my eyes.
I knew he wanted ti sell it,otherwise i would'nt be standing here.I hoped he was willing to sell it,for his own sake,because i knew that now i could do anything to have it.
-I'm not selling it.I give it to you.
I was surprised.
-It is one thing you have to do for me though.
I was dying to find out what this old devil wanted from me.
-Come back in two days.
I'll be dead by then.Don't let them defile my body.See here,behind this door is a wolf trap.
You have to put it open on my chest,after i am already in the coffin,and then fix the lid yourself.
They will come to be sure i'm not becoming an undead.They will come to cut rremove my heart.
They are affraid of me.

His eyes were glowing yellow.

-After you do all that,you can have it.Come here again after i'm buried and is yours.Take this key.
He handed me that old key looking me in the eyes.
-Now promise me you'll do everything as i said.
How could he trust me,only with my promise?
I think it does'nt matter anymore for him,since he'll be dead.
I smiled and approved with my head.
After all why should i care for this crazy oldman?

I came back teo days later.
I found him lyied in his coffin,as he said.
Some oldmen were in the room,maybe friens of him,maybe relatives...
You could see they were not grieved for the loss.
Their eyes were searching the house,or at least that's what i've seen.
At sunset,i told them i want to be alone with the dead.They seemed to don't care,that i,a stranger,was present there,and more,ask to be alone with the dead.Maybe he told them that was to be there.That was not important for me.
I took the wolf trap and put it on his chest,in the side of the heart,with the mouth of the trap open,ready to bite.I put his lid anf nailed it,to be sure he is'nt getting out.
I let those oldmen taking him to the grave.
After i saw him in the ground i waited for the night,sitted on a bench in that old cemetery.

I was in front of the house again.I was shaking.
I entered without any problem.
I started searching.Searching abd searching and did'nt found anything.
-I knew this is'nt right One of those bastards aat the funeral took it.But if...
I was anger,mad of anger.My blood was boiling in my veins.I could it kill anyone in those moments.
I remember i was running with a shovel.
I started to dig the grave.
I dug until i uncovered the lid of the coffin.
I had a hunting knife with me,and with the long blade i started scratching and hitting the wood of the coffin.
I made a hole and through that hole i put my hand in there,searching on the dead body.
Suddenly i felt a terrible bite,something grabbed my hand and cut it deep in the flesh.
I felt how my hand was bleeding and i could not escape.
I was trying to release my hand,but after a while i felt how that thing was draining my power and my blood
I realised i'm dying,i tried to cut my hand..but i didn't had enough power to do that.
I was losing blood.
Suddenly i realised.The wolf trap that i put on his chest.That bastard,that old bastard tricked me.
This was his plan from the beginning.
Oh..that cursed cross.
I felt asleep,or that's what i thought.
Now i awakened in this dark,black tight hole.
Something is moving beside me.
I'm affraid i'm dead.


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