Just email your name some characteristics the boy you want it with and the rating pg pg13 R


3. Bridgitte and Harry

I was walking to the music store. My friend broke my guitar so I had to buy a new one. Then this boy with a hoodie on says hello to me. He sounds familiar. He had a deep British accent. "Wait, I know you. Your that guy from that British boy band. What's it's name... Oh wait yeah. One direction. I'm just guessing!" "Please do not screem! I'll give you a whole life supply of our photographs and CDs!" he whispered/yelled. "Don't worry I won't screem and you don't have to give me a 'whole life supply' of one direction stuff." "Wait your the first girl who rejected our one direction supplies!" "Well im not really a fan but my friend is." I totally lied. I'm a big directioner and my friend hates them. "I'm Bridgitte." I said and raised out my hand. "Nice to meet you Bridgitte." we shook each others hand. I literally got up and walked away. I walked because I knew Harry loves playing that 'hard to get' game. He ran up in front of me. "Wait can I have your number?" "I don't know can you?" With that I walked away. He ran up to me again "I'm not leaving untill I have a number!" "ok" I wrote down a number. I walked away he saw the paper and it said 1. Then I wrote on the front 'what you said you wanted a number.' then there was turn the page signal and it showed my number with 'just kidding. Hope we could hang out sometime' later on you and Harry are dating and you have a wonderful life. Hope you like it Bridgitte. -Alyssa
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