What are you doing?

OKAY, this happened well mine and Keighley's POV happened, but we decided to bring the guys into it, and we are grabbing some stuff from everyone in the story!

Tori and Keighley are seniors in High School, and probably the biggest directioners in the world. they had a full and packed year with exams and prom (which they will be attending alone, again) When Keighley's mom give them tickets to go to Doncaster for a month, when their trip takes an unexpected trip.


3. Unexpected Company

Lottie's POV 
I am sooo glad they don't fancy my brother, that would just make things awkward. But, since they don't they can hang with me at my place, so I invite them over. "Hey, um, would you two like to come and hang with me at my place?" I ask. They respond with a little too excited "yes!!"

Tori's POV
Did that just happen? Did Lottie just invite us to her house? OMFIG! I think it did. OMG! Don't start fangirling! So that pep talk helped, until we got to her house, an she had the door opened, I just needed to breathe for a bit. I finally decide to walk in, and when I get in I hear a few faint voices coming from the TV room. I walk in and there was the...

Harry's POV
Most beautiful girl I have ever seen, I see Niall eye-balling her, too. He can't have her! Holy shit she's looking at me! I inhale.... And I inhale some more and I just stand there looking like an idiot clearly I have forgotten how to breathe! I finally remember to exhale and I step forward to introduce myself, "Ello, um, my, um, name, is um, Harry..." Holy shit, did I just say um like 5 times in a sentence that only has 5 other words in it! Dammit! She probably thinks that now, not only do I not know how to breathe but I don't know how to talk also! What have I done? 
"Well, hello there Harry, I'm Tori" I love it when she says my name! I think I'm going to die! 
"So, um, Tori, do you like Taco's?" "Harry, that question shouldn't even be legal! If you don't like tacos you need to go die in a hole!"
"Well, I was about to go to eat some tacos would you like to come?"
"Why wouldn't I two of my favorite things tacos and you!" She said yes!

Louis' POV
Who ate these girls, none if us have ever seen them before, and I've met all of Lott's friends! But the first one that came in was HOT! KeighleyKeighley one day she will be mine! And on another day she will be a gymnast for GB!s she deserves it. LOUIS WILLIAM TOMLINSON! you have to stop thinking like that, you have a girlfriend, that's due here any minute, PERFECT! I'll break up with her then!

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