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OKAY, this happened well mine and Keighley's POV happened, but we decided to bring the guys into it, and we are grabbing some stuff from everyone in the story!

Tori and Keighley are seniors in High School, and probably the biggest directioners in the world. they had a full and packed year with exams and prom (which they will be attending alone, again) When Keighley's mom give them tickets to go to Doncaster for a month, when their trip takes an unexpected trip.


2. Getting to know Strangers

Tori's POV
 I slowly reach and grab the tickets that she was holding out to us a it takes me a minute to realize who it was; but when I did I looked over at Keighley and she must have been thinking what h was thinking via she nodded and pulled out her phone and started typing, I automatically thought she was texting me what she thought but instead about 30 seconds later my iPhone buzzed with a new email from Twitter saying @kayleigh_wilso19 mentioned you in Twitter so I open the email and sure enough she had snapped a picture of her and her date and already tweeted it, that's my job, I'm the Twitter queen! But the Tweet said "@ashleigh_moon @doncasterlottie  @martinkendal thanks for the movie tickets, it's going to be good!" Apparently they both got that email too cos I glance up and they both have their phones out. And sure enough 2 seconds later my phone buzzed again with another email that said @doncasterlottie mentioned you on twitter. So I just refresh our conversation and there was a new tweet @kayleigh_wilso19 @ashleigh_moon @martinkendal it was not a problem, hope to spend more time with you! xx

Keighley's POV

People were still looking at us and I realize we were still standing at the ticket counter, and so we step aside and we formally introduce ourselves, I reach my hand out to shake their hands as I told then that I was Keighley. And that was Tori. I didn't bother with mentioning that we are huge Directioners . But I think the less they know about that the better. So we stop by the concessions to get some popcorn, I order the tumbler of cheese and Martin and Lottie order the medium caramel and Tori, being the food lover she is she gets the large buttered popcorn set (popcorn, Pepsi and a box of candy) they look at me like she's crazy and I just shrug, she is crazy skinny, she's 16 and she weighs like 100 lbs. and she eats like that all the time except for once a month (if you know what I mean). As we walk in to the movie Tori and I go to sit down Lottie tell us to come sit with them...

Martin's POV
AWKWARD!!! There is no other way to explain how I felt sitting with my girlfriend and two girls that were practically strangers, in an animated movie that swore in Italian, it's not that hard to guess what they were saying honestly! I don't mean to sound mean and rude and all that but honestly they kinda ruined mine and Lott's date but they were hot!!!! I should try to hook Nathan up with one of them, he would honestly love that, but I don't think he would like Keighley was about 5'4 with her broad shoulders and muscles she was definitely a gymnast. Tori on the other hand was about 5'2 she looked taller but when she stood beside Lottie you could tell. But god that girl can EAT, I think more than Niall! That's an accomplishment seriously, and she looked like she weighed about  100 lbs, so you know out if nowhere as we were walking out of the cinemas  I ask "how old are you two?" Not thinking and Lottie kicked me in the shin! " I'm 17 and Tori who is over there tweeting is 16. "  cool! Lottie's turn to ask them some questions she's like an interviewer on fast forward. She barely gives them enough time to answer "how long are you staying?" "Are you single" "do you play any sports?" "If so what are they?" And "do you fancy anyone?"

Tori's POV
Wow she's nosy... So I answer her questions "yes; yes; Cheerleading, and I used to play soccer and basketball." Martin cringed as I said Soccer, and I corrected myself, "I mean football," Martin had a look of satisfaction across his face. I decide to answer her final question truthfully "Harry" I whispered barely audible, but she heard, "I'll see what I can do about that" she said

Keighley's POV

I answer her questions with almost duplicate answers as Tori " Yea; Yea; gymnastics, football, basketball , and golf" I knew Tori told the truth about everything, even that she fancied Harry, but I couldn't tell Lottie that I fancied her brother, I just couldn't it's just wrong. So I lie. " No."








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