What are you doing?

OKAY, this happened well mine and Keighley's POV happened, but we decided to bring the guys into it, and we are grabbing some stuff from everyone in the story!

Tori and Keighley are seniors in High School, and probably the biggest directioners in the world. they had a full and packed year with exams and prom (which they will be attending alone, again) When Keighley's mom give them tickets to go to Doncaster for a month, when their trip takes an unexpected trip.


4. First and Last Dates

*Everything that happens in the chapters to come have been approved by the people involved!



Tori's POV 

Holy cow! Harry Styles just asked me out! "If you see Lottie or Keighley, will you tell them that I went out for Tacos?" I ask the boys hoping that they realized that it was more of a statement than a question. "Yeah, sure, do we have a choice?" Lol, I can already tell we are all going to be best friends! Okay, that just sounds a little awkward, but okay I know we are going to be friends. Especially with the comment that Louis made about having a choice! "Thanks! See you later!" I yelled as we walked out the door, and I faintly hear someone tell back "if Harry doesn't rape you!" Seriously! Who would say that and besides one of my best friends Tashya but she's in the states, not here in the UK but that was clearly a male voice, vs Tashya's girly voice.

Lottie's POV 

Omg! Me and Keighley are so alike it's scary! I mean, we both like One Direction's music but we prefer them to be more like friends and brothers versus having them as boyfriends. I mean seriously they aren't that attractive! But we both like Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift! But she doesn't listen to R1 and she's never seen a game of rugby, so that could be a slight problem. I can fix the rugby one with ease, there is a game on Monday and I'll take them then. The But listing to R1 how could she not! But he is going to Nick tomorrow whether she likes it or not! "Clear your calendar for tomorrow and Monday morning! I just need to make a few phone calls an we should be good for tomorrow, btw does Tori listen to the breakfast show?" I ask. "Yeah she's always talking about it!" Okay then. "Okay, why don't you go make yourself at home in the Tv room with the guys, and I will arrange our plans

Louis' POV

Why does Keighley have to be so Damn hot!? Louis you have to stop thinking like this, you have a girlfriend that is due here any minute, PERFECT! I'll break up with her then! There is a knock in the door and as I open the door I said "Hey Elea-- you aren't El" it was Nathan, "we'll hello to you to Lou! I heard that Lottie had hot friends over! Is it true?" He seemed super concerned over these girls he's never even met! "Only one of them is still here the other went out for Taco's with Harry. But she will be back." I lean in real close to his ear and whisper "stay away from Keighley, the girl in the lounge, she's mine!" He glares at me and says "Lou, you can't like another girl, you have a girlfriend!" He said almost accusingly. "Not for long"

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