What are you doing?

OKAY, this happened well mine and Keighley's POV happened, but we decided to bring the guys into it, and we are grabbing some stuff from everyone in the story!

Tori and Keighley are seniors in High School, and probably the biggest directioners in the world. they had a full and packed year with exams and prom (which they will be attending alone, again) When Keighley's mom give them tickets to go to Doncaster for a month, when their trip takes an unexpected trip.


5. Confuzzled?

Nathan's POV
Not for long was the last thing I heard Louis say before the doorbell cut him off. "Hey babe! Can we talk?" Did he seriously just do that? Anyways I walk in the lounge, saying hey to the guys and plant myself right on the couch next a girl with long-ish straight brown hair, she seemed Athletic, like she could beat me at any sport she wanted. Martin was right she was defiantly not my type! But he did say that the other girl, what was her name? Taylor? Tashya? Tanya? What was the hint he gave me to remember? Vega! Vega, vega, vega! Tori her name was Tori! And I hear the front door open, there is 4 voices, one of them is Lou's and another belongs to Harry (YES!) there was the sound of sobbing and a voice I didn't recognize there was only one solution it had to be her, her voice made my insides melt! And as she walked in the room my heart stopped! She was holding Harry's hand! No! Harry can't have this one! He can have any girl he wants be of course he goes after the one I want! So I stand up and introduce myself "Hi, I'm Nathan," OMG! I didn't die! "Hey, I'm Tori," she had the cutest slightly county accent! And she hugs me! OH EM GEE! "You're cute" she whispered in my ear and the she pulled away. 

Tori's POV
He heard me for sure, his fave was as red as a ripe tomatoes! He looked at me and smiled! And asked if he and Harry could be excused. I just kinda giggled cos no one asks anymore.


Sorry it's short, but I have lots of homework and i'm updating a soon as I can! thanks for reading!





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