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OKAY, this happened well mine and Keighley's POV happened, but we decided to bring the guys into it, and we are grabbing some stuff from everyone in the story!

Tori and Keighley are seniors in High School, and probably the biggest directioners in the world. they had a full and packed year with exams and prom (which they will be attending alone, again) When Keighley's mom give them tickets to go to Doncaster for a month, when their trip takes an unexpected trip.


1. Expecting, the Unexpected

Tori's POV

I remember the day I met Lottie Tomlinson like it was yesterday. Me and my best friend are huge directioners so when her mom surprised us with a trip to Doncaster we absolutely flipped. We freaked that Thursday we packed our bags and I headed to Keighley's house so we can catch our 5 am flight to Heathrow international airport, who would have thought that two teenage fan girls from Georgia would get to live our dreams, or at least partially.

We decide to go the total anti fangirl!!! As if we would ever be able to pull that off. So with our bags packed and loaded in Keighley's moms Mercedes so we wouldn't have to load it in the morning, it was already bad enough that we had to be ready to leave her house at 2 am cos it take an hour to get from her place to the airport and because its an international flight we have to be at the airport 2 hours early!!!!

Keighley's POV

"Tori get  up of you want to make the flight! I'm not going to miss this one because of you!" So what gets her up if yelling doesn't? Ah ha! "Tori, one direction was murdered!" I whispered into her ear.
She shot straight up like someone had shot 10000 watts of electricity through her body, but in that process she hit her head on the top bunk of our shared bedroom.

Tori's POV
" OW! God I hate you right now!" It's true I did hate her guts, every time I don't wake up she'll pull a nasty trick on me like that! "What time Is it?" I mumbled with my disgusting morning breath.  "1:45, it's time to get up!!!!"
" god we have to get dressed and clean our teeth" I semi yelled in our basement bedroom that me and her shared ever since my parents and brother moved to Colorado. Last year, I was glad I was spending high school at what I called home, all the other places I lived sure I lived there and sure I had a house there and everything but cartersville was home and always will be. " I think you mean YOU have to get dressed, and YOU have to clean YOUR teeth! I'm already ready and I drove and got us some Mickey D's. I got you chicken biscuit, hope that was what you wanted." Keighley said as I was brushing my teeth with my right hand and putting my hair in a quick left handed pony tail.

Harry's POV

"Lou, what the hell did you do to my boxers?!" I swear the next time he hides all of my boxers I'm going to kill him. " oh they went for a swim and then they were a bit warm do they went to the coldest place in the flat..." Louis yelled up the stairs. I usually never care what in wearing, the hell I usually walk around naked. But Lottie and her boyfriend are coming over before they head out to the cinemas and I'm not sure if Martin would be comfortable with me walking around nude with his girlfriend in the house, actually Lottie has seen me before, she is really great in bed, but Louis can never know about what me and Lottie did. "You put them in the fucking freezer" I yell at Louis as I storm down the stairs with a pillow prepared to hit him but he's not there.

Lottie's. POV
Where the hell is Martin he was supposed to be here 10 minutes ago. Maybe I should call him?
Strange no answer.
Text: Martin where the hell are you???
( a car horn beeps) and my phone buzzes  MK: does that answer your question?
I run outside and I hopped in the passenger side of his black Audi.

Keighley's POV
OMIG! I can't believe one direction actually stood here. " Keighley, breathe we are only In baggage claim! And what happened to 'NO FANGIRLING!' did you not understand what are you going to do if we meet them?" Tori ask with my voice slightly raised, she was still pissed about the airline screwing up our seats! I have to admit I was kinda pissed too.  " Let's go check into our hotel and hit the movies."  I said as we hopped into a taxi.

Niall's POV
God I'm so bored, maybe I'll go and spend some time with some fans. I step outside onto the front step to my flat to nothing! "Where is everyone?" I wondered aloud Huh that's really weird but in a good way, maybe I'll go to Nando's, before I head to Lou and Harry place.

Louis' POV

Shiz lotts is here. " Harry, go get the door. " I scream from the kitchen with my mouth full of frosty flakes. God and Martin's here it's not that I don't like Martin, I mean he's a good guy and all but I just don't like him dating my sister, I mean he's like a whole freakin year older than her. If they were older I wouldn't care but she's 14 and they have been dating for 2 years! Me and Eleanor haven't been dating that long, I mean seriously! She runs in and hugs me, I hug her back and say " I missed you," " I missed you too. When do you leave again?" " Lotts I just got here, I won't be leaving again until at least 4 months, I'm on break." "Okay, that's good! Do you and Harry want to go to the cinemas with us?" "It depends on what film your seeing..." " I don't know, don't expect me to know every thing!!!!" I'll find something else for me to do I'll let Harry goes if he wants but I really don't want to go. "Actually I think I have a date with El so I'll pass on this one but Harry might want to go." I feel like I hurt her feelings but she'll be okay. "Martin lets go!" Lottie tells. And she leaves.

Tori's POV


"Why do they drive on the left side of the road I ask the chauffeur  that was taking us to he cinemas. " I don't know, it's always been like that" he said . As he pulled up to the front of the cinema we said thank you and told him that we'd text him when we were done. As we got In line to buy our ticket we were trying to decide what movie to watch. "Madagascar" I screamed startling her okay let's go. As we reach the counter where we buy the tickets, i'm rummaging through my purse, "Crap!, we forgot to change our money!" I say to Keighley.


Lottie's POV

I kinda felt bad for the two girls in front of us, they were clearly Americans, that came to the cinemas to see a movie, and that was what they were going to do. What i did Next I think surprised me, more than it surprised them, i side-step them and say, "Four tickets for Madagascar please." everyone kinda looks at me, like i just killed a puppy. I would never do that. anywho.



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