Because of twitter...

Me, Chantel Mckinly, a victim to Kian Lawley. what happens when not only do I fall in love with him over twitter, but he loves me back.

He doesn't know it's me.

He only knows me as

The girl on twitter.



2. chapter one


I woke up and tossed around in bed like a bag of beans.

My feet curled as they met the chilly, yet crisp air. I felt my phone buzz, signaling me that I had a new follower on twitter. I hopped up and snatched it away from my desktop. I scrolled through the many messages from my best friend, Sophie. My jaw dropped at I stared at the new, unexpected follower.

Kian Lawley.

I threw my phone to the ground and silently shrieked, before picking it up and punching in the number. "SOPH. OH MY GOSH! GUESS WHAT?!" I heard her groan through the phone.

"What, Chantel." She said, clearly moving through the static of the phone.

"Kian followed me on twitter."



"So your bully is following you. How exciting."  I felt the eye roll through her careless words.

"So, im eating breakfast at yours then we go to the dark hole. School." She muttered.

I nodded forgetting I was on the phone.

"Oh, yeah, ok!" I hung up and put on my favourite outfit. The doorbell rang just after I finished combing my curly hair. I saw Sophie barge in and eat. We ate silently until it was time to leave. We trudged to the door and walked to the death hole of school. You had the nerds, queen bee's, the jocks, the emo's and then there was Bennett, Sophie and I. We were weird. Sophie and I have been friends since we were 7, and I have been friends with Bennett since pre school. We arrived at the newly renovated school to see Kian hanging out with his equally as annoying best friend, Sam. I dunno. Sophie just has a strange obsession over him. She has watched every single video of them on youtube, cried when he got with Acacia, then cried when they broke up. I'm a bit more different. I like Kian. He's the popular jock in the school. The teachers praise him like a greek god. Its insane. I swear, the other day I saw professor Stevens play with a Kian bobble head. Who does that?! Sophie nudged my arm, alerting me that they were coming over.

"Well well well. If it isn't Sophie and Chantel. Looks like thing three isnt here to protect you from us today." Kian stated referring to Bennett, who stayed home to finish a project.

"What do you want?" I questioned. His eyes almost looked pitiful. Like it hurt for him to see me angry.

"Nothing, loser."

Lol nah.

Sophie and Sam were talking. They didn't get along badly. Why couldn't Kian and I be like that?



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