Because of twitter...

Me, Chantel Mckinly, a victim to Kian Lawley. what happens when not only do I fall in love with him over twitter, but he loves me back.

He doesn't know it's me.

He only knows me as

The girl on twitter.



6. Chapter 5

 Yes I do know about Sam and Soph. I mean, I can hear how she giggles when she is talking to him or twirls her hair around her fingers. I wish she would just ask him out already. I went on twitter.

"You have one new message." It read.

I opened it.

Kian Lawley: I wanna meet you babe. You seem like a hot chick;) We should meet up at the ice cream store or something. Ttyl. <33





I cant breathe. I cant meet him! he will just laugh and think that it was a joke. I took out my phone and called Bennett.

one ring

two ring

"Hello?" Said a slow, muffled voice.

"BENNY. WE NEED TO TALK!!!" I shrieked into the phone.

"Yeah whats up?"


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