Because of twitter...

Me, Chantel Mckinly, a victim to Kian Lawley. what happens when not only do I fall in love with him over twitter, but he loves me back.

He doesn't know it's me.

He only knows me as

The girl on twitter.



5. Chapter 4

*Sophie P.O.V*


Oh my God. The girl over Twitter, was Chan! Im shocked to say the least, talk about 'small world'..


'Hey Princess <3' Was all it said to make Chantel sick and make her faint, only Chan! I got out my iPhone, checking Twitter, cos, y'know, im nosy.

'@kianlawley Hey!;)' was the response she gave him, I guess she knew I was spying but its alright cos we're best friends,

It took about an hour for the response, because she fainted. Blacked out. This made me chuckle a bit because, he doesn't know why she exactly fainted and if he knew why it would change things.

When she finally woke up I was straight to her side



"Chan! Chan! Do you recognize me??" you practicly screamed in her face, you were worried!

"Hi Soph," she said smiling, basically jumping for joy you hugged her

"Wow. I was scared!" you laughed, sitting down on the edge of the bed,

"So..Why did I faint?" she aske you, she wasn't messing, she actually looked confused..

"You don't remember?" you asked her

"Nah..Something about Twitter?"

"Yeah..Kian tweeted you.." you reminded her, bad idea, she jumped up and reached for her phone breathing fast.

"Wow..Calm down Chan you don't want to faint again!" she laughed, reaching over and getting her phone for her.

She saw the tweet, screamed, tweeted back, and fell asleep smiling.

~End of Flashback~


They are gonna make a perfect couple but I can just tell they are gonna have some problems when they finally come clean about who the 'Girl on Twitter' really is.. Me and Sam and Kian are actually quite good friends, we meet up alot and Skype. I don't boast to Chan about it because I know she will get jealous, but I know she knows. I just hope this doesn't come between us, we are best friends!


Wow talk about small world..

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