Because of twitter...

Me, Chantel Mckinly, a victim to Kian Lawley. what happens when not only do I fall in love with him over twitter, but he loves me back.

He doesn't know it's me.

He only knows me as

The girl on twitter.



3. Chapter 2

~Sophies P.O.V~


I kinda feel bad for Chantel.. She is basically obsessed over Kian, but he doesn't like her. Its not the same with me and Sam, we actually do talk quite a lot! I do really like Sam, his little pink cheeks and his laugh.


"So Sophie, tell me a little about yourself," Sam asked you, you spoke on/off but now he was acting like he was actually interested  in you..

"Well, I'm 15 and I turn 16 next week. I love Giraffes and Owls and you can say I'm kinda lazy.  I love watching certain people on youtube like macbarbie07, acaciacutie and some over people..", you trailed off at the last part, because if you said anymore you would probably blurt out your love for his and Kians and the rest of Our2ndLifes videos! He smiled, ermagerd.

"Well I'm on Youtube!" He said smiling, you could see the hint of sadnes in his eyes that you didnt mention him. But y'know you can't let him know that easily!

"Uhm.. Yeah.. I watch your videos.." You said quietly, hanigng your head a little looking at the floor. He laughed a bit,

"Our2ndLife?" he asked you curiously

"Yep.. You, Kian, Trevor, Ricky, Ricardo, JC, and Connor.." you blurted out, then mentally face plaming yourself! What and idiot? You said to yourself, why did you just blurt that out? Hes gonna think your a creep now!

"Haha, Lawlorff?" he didn't seem to mind that you're a huge fan of his,

"Mhm!" You said smiling, he gave you a smile again. Then at the completely wrong time the bell went. Ugh.

"I'll see you around?" Sam smiled at you, giving you a small wave. You smiled back,

"Yeah sure!" You chirped back at him giving him a small wave back, then Kian grabbed his arm and dragged him away.

You walked over to Chantelle who was texting Bennette, you plopped yourself down next to her.

"Oh my God. I'm even more obsessed over him now..!" You smiled at her, she didn't smile back to you. What's up with her?

"Hey whats up?" You asked her, she shrugged her shoulders and got up and walked away.. I chased after her grabbing her arm

"What's Kian said to you?" You asked her quickly,

"He said I should stop trying to talk to him because he likes someone else.." She said hanging her head, you felt bad because you ignored her while you were talking to Sam..

"And who's that? Your stunning and lovely, he's crazy for not liking you!" You said while hugging her,

"A girl he followed over Twitter.." she said, looking up at you while a tear fell down her cheek.

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