That Changes Everything

When he looses the Live of his life in a sudden horrifying accident. Justin changes. He stars doing things he would have never done before. He hates himself an everyone around him. He does anything to full the hole in him. Then. He meets her. An he changes everything.


3. The memories came flooding back.

Chapter Two

~Brittani's POV

Justin- be there in 5. Are u ok?

No.. I wasn't. I wasn't okay. An I'm not going to be okay.

It all just kept coming back. I just kept remembering. Remembering everything. Play by horrifying play. It was tearing me apart...

I stumbled over to my new bed, and fell againced it. I pulled my legs up to my chest and let it all flood back again.


"Can we PLEASE change the station?!" Allissa complained for like the hundredth time since we entered Louisiana.

"Sweetie, let your sister have a chance to-" started mom but Allissa cut her off.

"I know I know. But mom, really?! Do you HEAR this crap?" She snapped, thrusting her hand toward the radio.

"Shut up. Like yours is much better." I mumbled rolling my eyes.

"What was that?" Allissa said in the fakest sweet voice I had ever heard. She raised her eye brows at me.

Why the hell did she always do that? It's not the least bit attractive.

"I said it's not like yours is much better." I spat.

She laughed. You really snorted. Either way it was a stupid sound.

She was so annoying I swear. She thought just because she was three years older than me, she could treat me like I was an idiot.


Then it happened.

If I had just known...

I wouldn't have let those be the last words they heard.

It all just happened so fast...

It was no ones fault..

First we were just exiting the main High way.

Next thing this truck on the hill anove us hit some random price of plastic on the road in just the right way.

His truck tipped. It rolled down the hill.

If we were going just a little bit faster.. Or maybe a little slower...

The truck tumbled and as soon as it hit the pavement it slid right into our Small Range Rover. Drivers Side..

The side Allissa was on.

The side Mom was on..

I heard Mom scream.

Allissa and I got slammed againced the side of the car.

Then we started rolling.

Allissa was screaming. She grabbed my arm.

Ill never forget that look of fear she had.

Glass was breaking. Shards flying everywhere. I felt every single cut.

Then my head hit the door window


I don't remember anything after that until I woke up in the hospital. Supposedly 3 days later.

Justin was in my room with his best friend Austin and Austin's off and on girl friend who was also my sisters best friend Kelcey.

Austin and Kelcey were asleep in the same chair.

But Justin was in the corner sitting on the floor with his head in his hands. I thought he was asleep too, until I saw his body shudder, and heard a faint sob.

I shifted uncomfortably.

"Ughh" I groaned.

Everything hurt all at once.

Justin's head snapped up. And he was at my side in an instant.

His eyes scanned my body.

"Brittani.." He whispered. "You're awake.. I was so afraid.." He muttered trailing off.

I took a closer look at him.

His light brown eyes were ringed with red puffiness. Under that was the obvious signs of exhaustion.

His face was trailed in tears. And it was all red. Where it wasn't red. It was the palest white I had ever seen in a person.

His hair was tousled and obviously hasn't been washed in a few days.

He wore a plain black tshirt and jeans.

"Are you okay?" He said his eyes wide and his eye brows knitted together.

I just looked at him.. What had happen to him?

"Brittani? Can you hear me?" He was growing more and more worried.

"Yes," I spoke up. "I just.... I hurt.." I could work up a whisper.

His hands flew over me. Not knowing what to do. But wanting to help somehow.

"What? What hurts sweetie?" He sputtered.

"Everything.." I whispered.

"Okay.. Ill call the nurse, love. We're gonna make you better." He said pressing the green service button several times.


Justin's POV
(Current time)

I poked my head in Brittani's door. Trying not to make too much noise.

She looked asleep. And I was about to leave until I heard her sob.

My heart broke.

"Brittani?" My voice breaking.

She sat up, and looked at me.

"I... I can't forget Justin... It just keeps coming back.. Everything just keeps playing over and-" I cut her off.

"Shhh." I walked over to her bed. Laying down next to her. I wrapped my arms around her small body and pulled her into my chest.

I felt her body shake from the force of the sobs.

I let the tears fall silently.

"It's okay, love... It's going to be okay.." And I hoped to god I was right.

I laid there with her wrapped in my arms. Letting her ride out the sobs, with my protection, and comfort.

We were like that for maybe an hour. I stayed with her until she fell asleep.

Then I got up and covered her in her new bed spread, kissed her forehead and tip toed out.

I went directly to my room and collapsed on my bed.

Now it was my turn.

It was my turn to finally let all the memories flood back.

It was my turn to loose it.

And trust me, i was.

The first memory engulfed me completely.

The phone call from the hospital.


I was sitting at home with Austin. Arguing about something completely irrelevant.

Then my phone rang.

It was a unknown number, but I answered.

**Mister Bieber?** a woman asked with a heavy Cajun accent.
*Yes...* I confirmed.
**Im afraid we have some terrible news for you..** she trailed off.

My eyebrows knitted together and I looked at Austin.

"Who is it?" He mouthed.

I shrugged.

*who is this?* I said into the phone getting worried.

**This is one of the head nurses that Herren Hospital in New Orleans, Louisiana. I'm afraid we have your girlfriend and her family here in the hospital.** she said.

My heart dropped to my stomach.

*What? Why?* I sputtered.

**im afraid they've been in a car accident.. It's pretty bad.. I think you'll want to come up here.** she mumbled.

*ill be right there* I said.

I jumped up from my chair and grabbed my keys and jacket.

"Where are we goin?" Austin asked, getting up and following me down the stairs and out the door.

Ignoring his question I asked my own, "How far is New Orleans from here?" I said getting in my car.

"I don't know about 7 and a half hours." He said confused.

I started the car and started driving. I was speeding. Oh well.

"Dude what's up?" Austin stammered. "Slow down."

"Allissa, Brittani, and her parents have been in a wreck it's bad dude. We gotta get to New Orleans."

"How bad?" His eyes got wide.

"I don't know," I admitted. "Here," I said throwing my phone in his lap, " call the unknown number and ask." I said.


"All they could tell me what that, Allissa, Brittani, and their dad are all in intensive care." He said hanging up the phone. "It's bad bro."

I squeezed the steering wheel.

"What about Mrs. Bell? Her mom? Where is she?" I asked.

"She died on impact.." Austin said putting a hand on my shoulder.


Then remember it all actually hitting me. Hard.

This can't happen. This can not be fucking happening. I have to be dreaming. GOD DAMNIT PLEASE LET ME BE DREAMING. I screamed at my self in my head. I banged my fist againced the steering wheel. Tightening my hands around it, and stomping on the accelerator. I was speeding. But at this point, frankly, I didn't give a flying fuck. But I did check for cops. The last thing I needed was to get slowed down with a freakin speeding ticket.

"Dude, do you want to pull over or something? Or at least just stop real quick so I can drive?" Austin asked looking at me cautiously. He probably knew how close I was to totally loosing it. I wasn't exactly hiding it.

"I already told you, Austin. I'm fucking fine. Okay? Can you just shut the hell up? I just want to get there an let this huge fucking nightmare end." I snapped. Keeping my eyes plastered on the road ahead. I pressed my foot down a little harder on the accelerator. Going well over the highway speed limit.

I knew I was being harsher than was necessary, but fuck. I didn't want to talk about it. I just wanted to keep myself as busy as possible until we got there. I couldn't afford to think about it. I know I'd loose it.

So I just drove. I focused on not punching shit. And drove. Austin sat next to me in the passenger seat. He kept looking over at me making sure I was okay. He kept pulling out his phone Texting all of our friends. Keeping them all updated to how I was. Even though he was a pain in the ass. I'm unbelievably thankful he came with me today. I can't do this alone. I'd go crazy... I'd do something I regret.

Finally. We arrived. I stopped the car and stared out the window. Having absolutly no idea what's beyond the double doors infront of me. I was scared. To say the least. What was I gonna do if...

No. No Justin do not think about that now. Do not put yourself through that.

I felt a light hand on my shoulder.

"You okay man? Are you ready?" Austin raised his eye brows at me. Waiting for my answer

"Yeah," I said taking the key out, "lets go" I got out of the car. And slammed the door.

I walked around to the front and waited for Austin. Then he stood my me side.

I took a deep breath. And walked forward.

As soon as the automatic doors opened I realized what I was here for.

Suddenly in broke into a sprint.

I saw the front desk and slammed my palms on it.

"My girlfriend she's here. With her family. She's been in a wreck." I growled at her.

"Name?" She said timelessly like this meant nothing. I wanted to slap her.

"Allissa, Brittani, and Kyle Bell." I spat

"They're in the ICU. You'll go down that hall all the way to the end and make a left. Room 960" she said.

I turned quickly to make sure Austin was still there. He nodded and we sprinted down the hall. Pushing doctors out of the way.

When we arrived at the room there was a big thick glass window. And a metal door that was locked. I looked in and saw Allissa.

I fell apart. Everything inside me broke and the tears immediately overflowed.

I slammed my self into the window. Banging my fist on it over and over yelling Allissas name.

I had to help her.

She was laying in that bed. Tubes and wire all over her small fragile body. Covered in blood and cuts and bruises.

I had to help her.

I banged more. Then gave up. Backing up againced the wall I slid down it. Pulling my legs up, resting my elbows on my knees and letting my head fall defeated.

I let it all fall apart.

My heart.
My hope.
My life.

How could I let this happen?
Why them?
Why not me?

I sat there in that hospital floor and sobbed. Letting it rock my body. Letting it take everything I had.

I felt Austin's hand on my shoulder.

"How could this happen man.." I sobbed my voice breaking.

"I don't know man. But we're gonna make it through this. You're gonna make it through this." He said gripping my shoulder.

I peered through the window one more time at the woman I loved. I could never stand to loose her.


I never thought I would.

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