That Changes Everything

When he looses the Live of his life in a sudden horrifying accident. Justin changes. He stars doing things he would have never done before. He hates himself an everyone around him. He does anything to full the hole in him. Then. He meets her. An he changes everything.




This can't happen. This can not be fucking happening. I have to be dreaming. GOD DAMNIT PLEASE LET ME BE DREAMING. I screamed at my self in my head. I banged my fist againced the steering wheel. Tightening my hands around it, and stomping on the accelerator. I was speeding. But at this point, frankly, I didn't give a flying fuck. But I did check for cops. The last thing I needed was to get slowed down with a freakin speeding ticket.

"Dude, do you want to pull over or something? Or at least just stop real quick so I can drive?" Austin asked looking at me cautiously. He probably knew how close I was to totally loosing it. I wasn't exactly hiding it.

"I already told you, Austin. I'm fucking fine. Okay? Can you just shut the hell up? I just want to get there an let this huge fucking nightmare end." I snapped. Keeping my eyes plastered on the road ahead. I pressed my foot down a little harder on the accelerator. Going well over the highway speed limit.

I knew I was being harsher than was necessary, but fuck. I didn't want to talk about it. I just wanted to keep myself as busy as possible until we got there. I couldn't afford to think about it. I know I'd loose it.

So I just drove. I focused on not punching shit. And drove. Austin sat next to me in the passenger seat. He kept looking over at me making sure I was okay. He kept pulling out his phone Texting all of our friends. Keeping them all updated to how I was. Even though he was a pain in the ass. I'm unbelievably thankful he came with me today. I can't do this alone. I'd go crazy... I'd do something I regret.

Finally. We arrived. I stopped the car and stared out the window. Having absolutly no idea what's beyond the double doors infront of me. I was scared. To say the least. What was I gonna do if...

No. No Justin do not think about that now. Do not put yourself through that.

I felt a light hand on my shoulder.

"You okay man? Are you ready?" Austin raised his eye brows at me. Waiting for my answer

"Yeah," I said taking the key out, "lets go"
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