My boyfriend is a vampire?

Katlyn or let's just say Katy has been with her boyfriend Liam for many years but he's always out and away from..... her. Now she is actually determined to see what he does when he's away from her... Or is he cheating on her? Is he just finding prey? Find out on this movella


18. The Light

Katy's POV

Um.... IM SCARED!! Everything was black and all I heard was noises from the boys and now it's a white room and I'm wearing some type of robe or dress. It's beautiful but I don't want to wear it. I want to go home with the boys and just say sorry to Liam. I truly love him. I really-
OMG! Was that the boys. I see them next to me and I'm being pushed in something. Am I at the hospital? No! I can't be! They'll take me away. I have to fight back! Come on.. I was running and pushing my self as hard as I possibly can maybe even more. That's it I can see someone. IT'S LIAM! I pushed and pushed. "*gasp* Oh my god she's alive. I was laying down in a soft bed. I looked at my arm and they bandaged it and cleaned the blood. There was no one in the room so he was talking to me. He came and sat right next to me. Our faces were only inches from each other. "Katy I'm so sorry. I didn't know what I was thinking. I was just angry and confused and just plain stupid. I hope u can forgiv-" I did not let him say that. I just crashed my lips happy to have my Liam back. "I'm sorry too." Liam's faced looked confused making me chuckle. "For what?" He still doesn't get it. "For saying things I wasn't meant to say. I was just angry confused and as you were just plain-" now it was my turn to get smashed in the face with my lovers kiss. "What was that for?" I question already knowing the answer. "I can't have the love of my life call herself 'just plain stupid'. If I did what kinda boyfriend would I be?" "A kick ass one." He just laughed and kissed me more. I started feeling pain every where and I just blacked out. All I see was doctors coming in. Oh great. Here we go again.
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