My boyfriend is a vampire?

Katlyn or let's just say Katy has been with her boyfriend Liam for many years but he's always out and away from..... her. Now she is actually determined to see what he does when he's away from her... Or is he cheating on her? Is he just finding prey? Find out on this movella


14. Saved for love 1/2

Harrys POV Im starting to feel really bad for Katy. In fact I have this feeling that how I can't eat sleep or think without it being about Katy..... OMG!!!! IM INLOVE WITH KATY!!!! How am I going to tell her. First of all she's with Liam and second of all I think she hates me.... I really got to tell her that I'm sorry and that I love her.. I walked up to her room and she was laying in her bed softly and soundly asleep. I gently woke her up. She woke up and looked at me. "Katy I'm sorry and I love you." wow that sounded better than I thought. She got out of the bed. "Close your eyes." she sounded sad. I squeezed my eyes shut. I heard paper and a pen... I hope she's giving me her number. I heard her tiny footsteps walk towards me. She grabbed my hand and opened it out in front of her she put the paper in my hand. "This is what you did to my heart." she closed my hand and I heard the door close. I opened my eyes and she was gone. I opened my hand and it was was a paper of a heart. I flatten the paper heart and it said "You crushed it." I mumbled those words to myself... NO! NO THIS CAN'T BE!!!! I ALWAYS GET THE GIRL!!!!! I'm going to make that girl mine if it's the last thing I'll do!!!!
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