My boyfriend is a vampire?

Katlyn or let's just say Katy has been with her boyfriend Liam for many years but he's always out and away from..... her. Now she is actually determined to see what he does when he's away from her... Or is he cheating on her? Is he just finding prey? Find out on this movella


2. Please don't leave.

" Lili, Luc, I'm home!!!" I just came back from another stupid day at work. Liam went downstairs, said hi, came back up the stairs, then came down with his shoes and coat. " Where are you going?" "I'm going out" "Why do you always do this?" I mumbled to myself but he still heard me. "Always do what?" "Oh Liam you know what im talking about! You always leave when I'm here! You try every way to get away from me! Please just answer my one question" "ok?" "Are you cheating on me?" I was literally crying when I asked that question. "No I am not cheating on you! I just can't be here when your around. It's for your safety." That was wierd. How is it for my safety? I didn't want to answer because I knew it was going to lead into a fight. He came, pecked my cheek and left. I was still going to find out what he is doing. I locked the door. And started following him. I know it sounds stalkerish but still. And I didn't need to take my brother because he was with his friends. At their moms house. I was following him untill he reached to a dark alley. Then I heard the voices of his bandmates and other GIRLS? I knew he was cheating on me!
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