My boyfriend is a vampire?

Katlyn or let's just say Katy has been with her boyfriend Liam for many years but he's always out and away from..... her. Now she is actually determined to see what he does when he's away from her... Or is he cheating on her? Is he just finding prey? Find out on this movella


22. Melody Ann Payne

Katy POV

Its been a month since the I talked to Liam.. I'm 1 month pregnant. I decided on the name. Melody Ann Payne. I still didn't tell him her name.. I grabbed my phone. Here goes nothing

K- Melody Ann Payne. That's her name.

In a few seconds he replied back.

L- It's beautiful.

He said her name was beautiful. :-).. Then an inspirational song came on. It's called Just Give Me A Reason by Pink. I smiled to myself. But then I knew I couldn't be with him. I couldn't... I love him and still do, but I don't know how to approach him. I think I'm never going to see him

Harry's POV

Oh my god... What is wrong with us?! Liam is in his room bawling his eyes out. Zayn is on the porch smokin a ciggy.. He is obviously depressed. Louis can't eat. Not even carrots. And we can't even find Niall anymore... He's always with that nurse. Do you know what? Imma call her right now.

K- Hello? Harry?

H- I need to talk to you.. Come to my house.

K- Ok?.

I hung up. Ok this is the plan.. I'm having her come. Calling all the boys to the living room. Telling them that a special friend is coming. The doorbell rang and I immediately ran and opened the door. I hugged her and kissed her in her cheek. She walked inside and her smile turned upside down.

Katy's POV

I walked in the house and the first thing I saw were 3 pale faces sobbing on the couch. Liam looked up to me and he looked in my eyes and started tearing. I started to tear myself too. I walked up to the door but harry locked it. "Harry I wanna go home." "You are not going home until we solved this issue." I looked at the boys and looked back. "Looks like I'm gunna be her for a long time." He walked me to the couch and I sat next to Louis. He turned me to face him. He looked me in the eyes for a long time and I know it was hurting Liam. Louis started crying and then he hugged me. "What's wrong Lou?" I asked. "Eleanor broke up with me!" "WHAT WHY?!" "She found out about the prank and was yelling at me saying I was cruel. Then she broke up with me." "I'm so sorry Lou." I hugged him tight. He was crying in my shoulder. I have to tell them the news. "Ok guys I have to tell you something." They looked at me. I looked down to my hands. "Umm well I went to the doctors and umm they said that.... I couldn't have the baby." I cried into my hands and Lou hugged me. "Why?" I looked up and saw heard what Liam asked me. His voice cracked. My voice started cracking to. "Well when I left. I started doing something really bad.... I cut myself and the doctor said that all the cutting was to much pain and pressure for the baby. So they think that my baby's dead." They all looked at me. "You selfish little brat." I turned and saw Niall with his nurse. I think she said it. I'm pregnant but I still don't have a bump. So I still look fit. "Excuse me?!" I asked shocked. "You heard me. Your a selfish little brat that couldn't stop cutting herself and killed her unborn child." "Are you serious? YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW me!! WHO IN THE HELL GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO CALL ME SELFISH?!" She smirked. "Oh yea sorry I wasn't supposed to tell you." I looked puzzled. I stood up and walked up to her. "Tell me what?" "Well you asked 'who in the hell' and blah blah blah.. I was going to say your dad." I got furious my face was red. I spoke up. "At least I didn't bang my dad." Everyone started 'oooohing' at us. "You bitch!" She punched me in the face and I fell to the ground. I got up and pushed her to the ground. "Doesn't your mom teach you respect? Oh wait I'm sorry you fucked her to." She pushed me and jumped and top of me. She scratched my face and punched me. Liam wrapped his arms around her and pulled her off me. He carried me. I felt pressure immediately. "THE BABY'S COMING!" AAAAAAAH!
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