My boyfriend is a vampire?

Katlyn or let's just say Katy has been with her boyfriend Liam for many years but he's always out and away from..... her. Now she is actually determined to see what he does when he's away from her... Or is he cheating on her? Is he just finding prey? Find out on this movella


16. I hate you

Harrys POV

Ok it's benn a month and I already know Katys ignoring me.... Like seriously that's immature. I'm going to take her away from Liam... I'm the prince of vampires god damn it! If I'm able to get all the girls I want, then what is going to make me stop from getting her.... STOP IT HARRY, THIS ISN'T YOU!!! YOUR BETTER THEN THIS...... (as you can see that is his conscience taking over) I don't care if I'm better than this.... I'm going to get her to be mine... YOUR JUST GOING TO GIVE HER HER A REASON TO HATE YOU!!! Yea your probably right.... Do you know what? For now on I'm going to be nice... That'll give people a reason to like me....

Katy's POV

Harrys been acting strange.... He's starting to become nicer... More innocent.... That's the Harry that I love.... When I went outside, I saw Liam leaning against the wall.... Oh god there goes another fight. I walk up to him and he was just staring at me.... I looked deep into his eyes and all I saw was disgust, cold, and hatred... I broke the awkward silence. "Liam? Are you ok? Is there a problem with you? If there is just tell me and I'll help you." "I don't know. Let me ask the same f***ing question to you!" that was wierd he never swears.. "What are you talking about?" I asked looking clueless and that's no lie. "I've seen you've been with harry a lot.. Is there something going on between you two? HUH? AM I BETWEEN YOU AND HIM? JUST TELL ME AND I'LL BE GLAD TO LEAVE!" by the time he stopped I shrieked/screemed because he was already squeezing my arms so hard that they look like ice cold snow was falling. I was crying. I gained my defendance back and pushed him away from me. What? He wants to play mean? Well then mean it is. "WE ARE JUST FRIENDS!!!!!!!! DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR PROBLEM IS? YOU CAN'T LET ME HANG OUT WITH OTHER BOYS UNLESS IT'S YOURSLEF!!! YOUVE BECAME NOTHING BUT A BIG JERK!!!! I CAN'T JUST HANG ONE NIGHT OUT WITH THE BOYS WITHOUT HAVING YOU YELL AT ME EVERY NIGHT THAT IM CHEATING ON YOU OR SOMETHING!! I BARLEY EVEN SEE THE BOYS THAT MUCH! IM NOT YOUR DOG LIAM! YOU CAN'T KEEP ME ON A LEASH FOREVER!!!" I finished breathing fast because I am already light headed. I then noticed that I actually screemed and that everyone was outside. Liam looked at me with even more hatred and digust but with tears stinging in his eyes. "I hate you." he whispered to me and left. I pushed past all the boys and ran to my room and shut the door. Wait, what just happened???? Did he just break up with me?!!! What have I done? This is all MY FAULT!!! IM THE REASON THEY ARE ALL MESSED UP!!! I went to the bathroom and there was a blade. I layed it at my skin. "IM SORRY FOR RUINING YOUR GUYS' LIFE!" I screemed as loud as I could and sliced that thing through my arm. I screemed louder and fell. I looked at my arm and it was deep cut and when I say deep I mean DEEP. I saw all five faces including Liam's he looked scared the most. Everything went black and then there was a bright light.... What's happening?!

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