My boyfriend is a vampire?

Katlyn or let's just say Katy has been with her boyfriend Liam for many years but he's always out and away from..... her. Now she is actually determined to see what he does when he's away from her... Or is he cheating on her? Is he just finding prey? Find out on this movella


11. Have to deal with it

This sucks. Have to deal with this demon body. I swear if I see Harry today he's gonna end up not having a head. I'm going to go for a walk. I went outside and there was this man by a fence he started coming closer and closer I turned around and started walking away. I heard more footsteps behind me and there were more people with hoodies. I started running untill one of them appeared before me and I bumped my head on his hard chest. Wait that chest felt similar to the other one I hit..... HARRY! "Harry." I whispered "Ello love!" he said excitingly. "Who are those guys?" I asked curiously. "Those are my old bandmates.... Now anyways I needed to talk to you." then he grabbed my arms pushed me and pinned me against the wall. "Now I hope you know that I'm the prince of all vampires, right?" "I do now what's the point?" "Right, since I'm the prince I could do anything I want and you can't do anything about it.... Like this." he stuffed his hand up my shirt. Then he bent down and put his head in my shirt. He started sucking on my stomach. I started to moan with pain because he wasn't just sucking. He was sucking hard. I tried to push him away but he was holding both of my arms so I kicked him again.... Where the light don't shine. I ran and one boy caught up to me. He grabbed me and threw me on the floor I hit my head and everything went black. All I heard was a car door shut and Harry saying take off all her clothes.... Help me
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