My boyfriend is a vampire?

Katlyn or let's just say Katy has been with her boyfriend Liam for many years but he's always out and away from..... her. Now she is actually determined to see what he does when he's away from her... Or is he cheating on her? Is he just finding prey? Find out on this movella


1. Introduction

Hi! My name is Katlyn, but everyone calls me Katy. I have a mother and father who are never around.... Always on business trips. And a six year old brother named Lucas that I would die for. Last but not least... My boyfriend Liam. I know when you hear Liam Payne you think of ONE DIRECTION!!!! But I think of them as family. I don't love him because of his fame or richness I'm happy for him though.! But when he insists on giving me money I reject.. This is my life... I'm 18, I live in Wolverhampton, my full name is Katlyn Ann Blasco, and that is pretty much it.
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