Missing In Action

Originally written for the poetry competition but I'm not old enough to enter but any way, enjoy!


1. Missing In Action

Bodies lay limp in the field,

Yet his cannot be found,

Either stolen by the enemy,

Or scattered on the ground.


Or maybe he's on a secret mission,

Thats what Timothy hopes,

Infiltrating evil's camp,

Then back to show his son the ropes.


He could be running for his life,

In mud up to his knee,

On his way back to his wife,

The tearful Bethany.


But he is still out there fighting alone,

At least thats what they've been told,

A muttered hopeful lie,

By the general, his voice so cold.


But in the deep parts of their hearts,

The truth is sometimes found,

John was hit by a bomb,

He's shattered on the ground.

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