One Direction Imagines !! <3

Hi! To get a Imagine yu need to put yur Namee, Yur Hair Color,Yur Eye Color, The Boy yu want it with, And just something about yu... Like if yu like singing put that :D, Also if yu have a idea of the situation yu want put that also !! :)


3. Zayn for Shania!!:)

* Shania's POV *
You were in the club with a couple of friends you were at the bar taking shots when a man walks up to you and says"Hey Wanna Dance?" " Sure " you reply. " So whats your name?" The man asked" Shania and yours" " Zayn" "Zayn as in Zayn Malik?" You ask " Yep" your just shocked because your dancing with Zayn Malik out of all the girls here! - 20 Minutes Later Of Dancing - " You want a drink?" Zayn asked " Would love one" you say smiling. Zayn buys you a margerita you drink it and start talking to Zayn. Next Thing you know Zayn was leaning in so were you, you closed your eyes Zayn and you kissed you felt sparks every where it was magical. So you got anyone to be with tonight" Zayn asked" I got you" you reply. He takes you to his house Nd you have the best time of your life---------------------------------------------------------------Hope yu like it babe i tried my hardest !! Xoxo - Abygail <3
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