One Direction Imagines !! <3

Hi! To get a Imagine yu need to put yur Namee, Yur Hair Color,Yur Eye Color, The Boy yu want it with, And just something about yu... Like if yu like singing put that :D, Also if yu have a idea of the situation yu want put that also !! :)


5. Niall for Jayda

Today you,and your family were going to The Nandos your cousin bought. " Jayda are you ready?" Your brother Jeff asked " yep " you answer you were wearing some white shorts, A red long sleeved Hollister shirt, And Red low top converse.- Skip Car Ride - You now were at Nandos and someone their caught your eye it was Niall yes Niall Horan. He started walking up to you " Hi my name is Niall or Niall Horan what about you" " Hi my name is Jayda nice to meet you " You say holding your hand out and he shakes it " So you wanna Hang out on-" " No she's only 15" said your older brother Jeff . You pushed him away " Yes i would love to " you say smiling He gives you his number and you give him yours. " Come on Jayda its time to go " Jeff your annoying brother said - Skip Car Ride -" OH MY GOD JEFF .. WHY DID YOU CUT NIALL OFF?" You scream at Jeff " Jayda your only 15 he's 19 your 4 years away!!" He said " SO HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF TRUE LOVE?!?!" You scream back you run to your room crying after you finished crying you text Niall .. You: Hey Niall
Niall:Hey Love Wht'Cha Doin??
You:Nothing Hbu??
Niall:Nothing Chillin.. So Yu Wanna Hang Out Today??
You:Would Love To My Address is 111 NE. Kiss Me Blvd. See Yu Later!! xx
Niall:Ok See Yu Later xx-- -5 minutes later- "Mom i'm going out with Niall" "Ok bye honey" "Bye Mum" you hear a doorbell you open the door to find Niall " Ready" he asked you nod your head - Skip Car Ride- You guys go to a fair to only find your Brother Jake.. Awesome! " Jayda What did i tell you" " Jeff i'm old enough i can take care of my self" " Jayda" " Please Jeff just this once " he sighs and nod's his head , Your Brother got your trust and You had the best time of you life with Niall he even asked you to be his GirlFriend !! -------- Hope you like it love i tried my best !! I kno i wasnt able to add the fight srry :( anyways hope yu like it !!! xx - Abygail<3
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