One Direction Imagines !! <3

Hi! To get a Imagine yu need to put yur Namee, Yur Hair Color,Yur Eye Color, The Boy yu want it with, And just something about yu... Like if yu like singing put that :D, Also if yu have a idea of the situation yu want put that also !! :)


4. Niall for Gabrielle!!:)

You and Niall have been friends for a long time now but you wanted to be more than friends so you decided to tell Niall " Hey Niall can i talk to you ? " you ask" I was just about to talk to you too so you can go first" " no you can go i dont mind" you say smiling" Ok.. Well Gabby i have always loved you, i have always loved your curly brown hair, and your green eyes.. And i was wondering if you wanted to be my GirlFriend?"Niall asked rubbing the back of his neck" Niall i was just about to tell you how i feel too and i would love to,Niall James Horan i LOVE you !!" You say extremly happy " Soo i was wondering if you wanted to go get dinner"Niall asked " You mean a date " You say chuckling " Yeah " He says embarressed " Of course.. I'll go get ready " you say and kiss him on the cheek and go to the bathroom to take a shower - 10 minutes later - You finished taking a shower and started to get ready but before that you asked Niall what kind of Restaurant you guys were going to and he said a professional/classy restaurant so you wear a Short Black Dress with Icy Blue Heels , Black Jewelry, and your hair was curly like always. When you were done you went to the living room to see Everybody's Chins drop " What" You say " Wow " They all say at the same time " So you ready?" Niall asked you, You nod your head - Skip Car Ride - You guys got to the restaurant, ordered your food, and ate . You ahd the best time of your life!----------------------Hi! I hope you like it Gabby i tried my best!! :D xx- Abygail
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