One Direction Imagines !! <3

Hi! To get a Imagine yu need to put yur Namee, Yur Hair Color,Yur Eye Color, The Boy yu want it with, And just something about yu... Like if yu like singing put that :D, Also if yu have a idea of the situation yu want put that also !! :)


2. Harry for Reychel!! :)

*Reychel's POV*
Its been two years since you have seen Harry because he went on tour a couple of days after you gave birth to Little Hazza. "Mommy swhere Dadda?" Your one year old baby boy asked "He's on tour but i promise that he is always gonna be in your life" you say picking him up"Now come on lets get some sleep" you say walking up the stairs. You lay him down and sing a lullabye to him till his little eye's shut. As your about to get some Shut eye the Doorbell rings" I wonder who that can be?" You whisper to yourself you walk down the stairs and open the door to your surprise you see Harry." HARRY I'VE MISSED YOU!" You say crying tears of joy " But it hasn't been three years yet?" You say looking at Harry" No it hasn't.. I quit the band i missed you so nuch that i had to and our baby boy needs to have a father thats their for him." He says smiling"Oh and i have one more thing"He gets down on one knee " Rechel i have always loved your Brown Curly Hair, Your eyes i just melt in! So Reychel Will You Marry Me ?!" He said excited" Yes, Sí, IN ANY LANGUAGE ITS A YES!!!" You say crying like you've never cried before - 3 years later - You and Harry got Married on Valentines Day <3 Little Harry is all ready 5 years old and is in school, Harry was still out of the band and you are so happy because you married the love of you life !!! -----------------------------------Hope yu Like it Love i tried my best :) xoxo ~ Abygail
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