Caught My Eye (One Direction Not Famous)

Nathalie Evans a 18 year old girl living in Los Angeles, faces lots of problems with life, she travels to the UK for vacation with her brother julian while tom is with his parents on another vacation in the middle east, and they will stay at her aunts which is 2 years older from her, then julian has to go back to the US for his college, which turns out that he'sgoing with kelly, thats when she meets a guy named zayn, she falls in love with him, they get in relation,he betrays her. Wanna now more! Read!


5. The Perfect Dress

After inviting us in, and kelly explaining her need for a dress, he leadus toa huge room, here's when i saw the dress in my dreams,i shouted " kellllssssss this is thedress from my dream, go on try it" zayn led her to a bathroom, when he came back, he said "i like your hair" " thankss i like your eyes" i said. " thank u,so whats ur name?" he asked. "nathalie. Nathalie evans" i told him smirking. " and im zayn. Zayn malik, umm may i have your number and twitter username?" he asked again. " yeah sure, gimme your phone, and i'll save my number as well save yours too on mine, ohh and btw my twitter username is @nathalie_swaggy (thats my real username, follow me if you'like too, bye carrots) !" we switched phones, i saved mine he saved his, and followed me, i got a notification, then followed him back, here's when kelly walked in, our jaws dropped open, " u look beautiful" we both said, she smiled, suddenly zayn protested " i wontgive u this dress till u allow me to design ur wedding dress" he said while faking a sad face, we both laughed, thenshe said " ohh dontbe sadddd Zi! Ofcourse u will! Btw can u come over and stay for the night i dont want to leave nathalie alone, she would make out with one of the ghosts there!" she whispered into his ear. " i heard that " i said, while zayn agreed ofcoming over.
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