Caught My Eye (One Direction Not Famous)

Nathalie Evans a 18 year old girl living in Los Angeles, faces lots of problems with life, she travels to the UK for vacation with her brother julian while tom is with his parents on another vacation in the middle east, and they will stay at her aunts which is 2 years older from her, then julian has to go back to the US for his college, which turns out that he'sgoing with kelly, thats when she meets a guy named zayn, she falls in love with him, they get in relation,he betrays her. Wanna now more! Read!


10. I Wish I Never Met Him

Nathalie's POV


Its april 23, i've known them for 5 months, but they're like my family now, since mom gave the house to julisn, and she decided to live in Lebanon, she describes it as heaven, so i wanted to stay with my boys and my girls, i only know them for a short period of time, but i know every single thing about them, they mean the world to me, my beloved zayn, my best friends lou and harry, my poke war buddy liam, my eating contests buddy niall. And my 2 girl best friends, El and Dani, i couldnt hide a thing from any of them i loved them all equally, everyone of them has hiss own personality traits, and they all say that im a mixture of all of them, its quite true, "Hey, from earth to nathalie, from earth to nathalie, you here? i repeat from earth to nathalie u here?" said el knocking me out of my thoughts, everyone laughed "Oh yeah, i am, but the signal was low" i replied. Everyone was done with their luncgh except me, so I ate as fast as i could, and then we all decided to watch a movie, i wanted to watch twilight, they all agreed, it was now 7, and we're watching the the twilight saga breaking down part 1, this is the second movie we watched, after it was done, it was almost 10, then zayn suggested something, "Why dont we go to a night club??" he asked, all the boys agreed, el dani and i didnt like going to a night club so we wanted to stay home, then the boys went alone, we decided to watch another movie till the boys came back, before they left i warned them not to do anything stupid, i hope they understood what i mean.


Liam's POV


They were all drinking like crazy, so i decided to join, even though i dont drink, i took a cup, then another, then another, we were all so drunk, we got out of this night club and went to another one, for my shock it was a strip club, we didnt want to leave, so we stayed


Nathalie's POV

"Guyss, i feel something, more like butterflies in my stomach, and those only come when something bad happened or about to happen, i think its about the boys, I'll call zayn to make sure everything is okay" I said. "yeah i feel that too" they both said. I called zayn and out it on speaker phone, i got worried, he answered "hey babe" he said in his drunk voice, then i heard something more like kissing, "where r u?" i asked "we're on our way home, and we've got some sexy ladies with us" he shutted up, a kiss again i was in tears, his voice showed that he was so drunk, we heard more girls, i guess they all got one for themselves, i shut the phone, and threw it at the tv, the tv's screen broke so did my phone, suddenly the front door opened there they were, zayn with a girl and niall with another, and harry too, liam and louis were just drunk, dani and el were in tears too,they felt bad for me "h-h-hey g-g-g-girls" said harry, dani looked shocked, "How the fuck could you do this?? i loved you!! im leaving and never coming back!!" i said crying, i ran upstairs, took my suite case got my clothes in it, the ones i got, and everything that belonged to me, while everything that he got i just left it there, i got a sticky note and a pen and wrote : thanks for cheating, but im telling u that im never coming back. :)xx nathalie.

I went out and found dani and el each with their suitecases, "why r u 2 coming?" i asked "we're not gonna leave you alone!" they said, "no u have to i need my alone time" i said back "no you dont this is the most time u want someone to be beside u we love u nath" i pulled each in to a hug, and gave them a thank-you look. I knew that this will come one day, it was too much a dream to be real, i knew he's gonna break my heart, and leave me torn that way, i just didnt know where to go, i had no where, i just ran downstairs, and found the boys in the kitchen with the stupid bit*hes with them so we took the chance, and put our suite cases in the car, i was too desperate to even drive, so dani drove, she took us to a beach house, it had a few more beside it, i just left my bag inside the car ran outside, and sat on shore, water reached my clothes, it destroyed them, but i was too desperate to even care. how could he do this?? I thought he loved me, im too stupid, tears were still running down my face, i spent ages there, a couple of times dani and el came trying to comfort me, but it didnt work, i decided to stay there for what seemed like forever, i didnt have the energy to go to the beach house so i just slept there in the sand. alone. the first time without him in 5 months.


I woke up on strange voices, it wasnt el nor dani, i opened my eyes finding 2 strangers, cute boys, i stared at them the both had 8 packs, i felt tears, it reminded me of him, i couldnt say his name any more, "nathalie!! we got worried" i heard el saying i just stood up, started crying and ran, i dont know where,i just ran, i found a small boat, i started crying even harder, i found a few rocks, i went and sat beside them, scratching almost my whole hand, it started bleeding but i didnt care.


Eleanor's POV

there she ran away from us, i think she doesnt want to talk to anyone, i prefered to give her some space "Hello im luke" said a blond haired boy "and im joey, whats wrong with her? we found her sleeping on shore we wanted to help we didnt mean to hurt her" said the guy with the brownish-blond hair. "Its okay, its just that.. her boyfriend cheated on her last night, with a bitch, who i guess was from some strip club" i said madly. "whats his name?" asked joey. "Zayn" i said. "wait, zayn malik?" he asked "yeah"  i said turning red, how could he hurt her?? "What!! He was the most protective guy over girls, he used to be with me in high school, he never broke a girls heart, they broke his, but he got no revenge. its impossible, i think we should get nathalie here, its dangerous the way she went, there's lots of scorpions there.  we better hurry" he said, so i dani, joey and luke we ran, we found her there, lying on some rocks she was bleeding i guess she scratched herself, when she layed on the rocks, it was bad, she was sitting there just crying, the 2 boys ran to her they held her arms, and out them over their shoulders, we walked till we reached their beach house, they cured her, she then raan out side not to the rocks, she ran to the shore sat there with tears in her eyes, i guess she'll stay like this for ages "she's gonna be okay, she has to spend some alone time" said luke. Suddenly my phone rang i answered and put it on speaker, it was lou, "Hey how are you? Where are you, we just woke up, zayn had a girl in bed whats happening??" asked lou "well mr lou, u all came last night from the club drunk even liam, zayn had a girl with him, nathalie got mad, and she ran away" i said madly at my boyfriend, he was the oldest, he had to take care for what happened! "Im sure ur at the beach house, and im now on my way" he said. "that would be good, i think she might talk to you, since ur the closest to her" i said, we said our goodbyes. i felt bad for her, lou arrived i pulled him into a hug crying "She's not speaking to anyone its bad lou" i said " yeah she even got scratched and was bleeding but she didnt care, we ran to her and got her here and cured her" said joey "oh thanks, and who r u 2?" he said pointing to joey and luke, "we found her sleeping here on the sand a few hours earlier, she seemed miserable, we just wanted to help" said luke "thanks alot" said lou. "Now where's she?" luke pointed at her, lou ran to her, she saw him, cried harder, stood and hugged him for what seemed like hours, we were beside her now, "l-l-l-l-lou h-h-he ch-ch-ch-eated on m-m-e " she said in tears, i feel bad for her, "lsn carrot queen, its gonna be okay, i promise" those words reliefed her, as i realized, she hugged lou harder, and turned to luke and joey "th-th-thank you" she said, "you're welcome" said luke and joey. if lou didnt come she wouldnt have said a letter, "Lou u have to stay, she cant go thru this without u" i said "im not leaving i even got my things with me, but i still cant belive what zayn did, even if he was drunk he shouldnt have done it, he keept reading the sticky note over and over again, and crying, i've never seen him that way, he kicked that bi*ch out, and locked himself in his room" said lou. "well he deserves it"  i said furiously.


Joey's POV

How could he do this?? doesnt he realize how beautiful she is?? I already started falling for her, he's stupid, but i cant get how he did what he did, he doesnt deserve her.


Nathalie's POV


Its almost night, and all i need now is my time alone, i went to the bedroom which dani told me its mine, i sat on the bed, and in a few minutes, i fell asleep.

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