Caught My Eye (One Direction Not Famous)

Nathalie Evans a 18 year old girl living in Los Angeles, faces lots of problems with life, she travels to the UK for vacation with her brother julian while tom is with his parents on another vacation in the middle east, and they will stay at her aunts which is 2 years older from her, then julian has to go back to the US for his college, which turns out that he'sgoing with kelly, thats when she meets a guy named zayn, she falls in love with him, they get in relation,he betrays her. Wanna now more! Read!


16. I love you

*A month later*

My bruises are all gone, no more pain! It's June 1st, summer coming in a few days, and my love for zayn was unstopable, I went up to the girls, Lou was still sleeping, "hey, anyone in mood to go shopping?" I asked. "r u kidding? We're always in mood to waste money for fashion, go on get dressed" i we t to my room, I picked some tight black jeans, I white shirt that said: I'm a bad girl. Keep your distance. In bold black, it had no sleeves, then I got my black coverse and out them on, with a touch of eyeliner, then pulled my her into a messy but elegant bun. I went out, found the girls, already dresses, we hopped into the car, i drove this time, we reached to a mall, we went to a few shops, I suddenly felt my tummy growling, "girls, I'm starving let's drive to the nearest nandos, and then we'll continue shopping" el suddenly said after getting her eyes off her phone, I guess she was texting someone " okay" i agreed, i think she heard my tummy, wemdrove to nandos, "table for 3 please" I said to the waiter, he was cute, blond hair, green eyes, and an attractive smile, but it was ki d of uncomfortable, as he was leading us to our table, I heard a familiar voice, I turned around, there he was, nialler with the rest of the boys, even Lou was there, but zayn wasn't that was good, "el did you know they're here?" I asked. "ummm, who?" she says trying to escape from my question, I stared at her, "ok yeah I did" she finally gave in, I went over to the boys, before realising it, I found myself getting squeezed by a hug "guys-I-need-oxygen-!" I said gasping for breath, they finally let go, " we missed you!" they screamed, everyone stared at them, but lou, wasn't one of em he was just sitting there, quiet, "yeah that's why you called me every hour of every day, you have no idea what I passed thru" I said, "well Lou didnt..." he was shut by Lous hand on his lips, I gave lou a glare "okay, I updated them, but told them not to call, cause i didnt want to.." " you didn't want to what?" I interrupted him, he knew he couldn't lie, " I didn't want them to annoy you, you needed your time alone, back then" I felt a tear escape my eye, I went to him and hugged him tight, " I love you Tommo" I said. "I hate you too" I giggled, amd punched him in the arm, then realized that everyone was starring at us, I didn't care, not a bit. Then I we t to my table and sat there, the same waiter came, things became more uncomfortable, "what would you want to have for lunch, maybe some delicous sauce?" he looked at me, with dirty eyes, he meant something else. I was ordering when, he whispered into my ear" you look sexy, share numbers?" I heard a familiar voice saying " maybe not, how about a punch on your damn face?" amd I saw the waiter falling to the floor, I turned around there he was, zayn. Part of me said "jump on him! Hug him!" but the other said " leave" I looked at him, I loved him, I wouldn't let go this time, I looked at him one more time, " nathalie, I'm sorry, I never meant what I did, you know that! I was drunk, totally drunk, when you left, my world crashed down, you killed me, but i didnt want to die, i had to fight for you in a way or another, you're the reason that i havent comitted suicide, i felt so lonely, lonelier than ever, I love you, I need you, when you left me that night, and I woke up the other morning and read the note, I realized, that you make me who I am, that you're everything I have, need amd want. Miss Evans, I love you." tears escaped my eye, I needed him, once again, I gave in, this time, my mind told me that he means what he said, I searched for a signal of lies in his eyes, there was none, he was filled with tears, I hugged him tight, "mr. Malik, I love you too, and I'm never gonna let go again. I promise" he hugged me even tighter, then the boss came, we told him about the waiter, then we sat with the boys, I say next to zayn, my hand was in his, I never wanna let go, i love him. Here I am now, with. My family, since my bro is in the USA with Kelly, and my parents, are in Lebanon with my younger brother, I haven't talked to the, ever since that night, but I once overheard el talking to them, I'm sure it's them, the phone was on speaker, they said that I'm doing fine, they know that I dont want them to be worried, but them el said something about me and zayn, and she said that she'll update to my mom, everything. And then a few days later, after the jellyfish accident, they often called every day twice, I miss them a lot, but the good news, my mom also told me that they're coming for a ten-days vacation to London, I can't wait to see 'em again.


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