Caught My Eye (One Direction Not Famous)

Nathalie Evans a 18 year old girl living in Los Angeles, faces lots of problems with life, she travels to the UK for vacation with her brother julian while tom is with his parents on another vacation in the middle east, and they will stay at her aunts which is 2 years older from her, then julian has to go back to the US for his college, which turns out that he'sgoing with kelly, thats when she meets a guy named zayn, she falls in love with him, they get in relation,he betrays her. Wanna now more! Read!


7. A New Day

Zayns POV

I woke up, looked around me, then smelled something delicous, changed my pj's into a sweat pants not bothering to put a shirt on i went downstairs, i saw her, the girl i started falling for, she was cooking something, i asked " got enough for us both" "u kidding!? Ofcourse, im not selfish dude" she replied. She was coking pancakes and then she put some in 2 plates, and gave me one, when she suddenly kissed my cheek, my face turned red, she said "good morning sleepyhead, even i, woke up earlier in 5 min than u !" she said puttung her plate on the dinner table, she then asked me to wake kelly and julian up, i was busy staring at her, so i went up stairs, julian wasnt in his room, nor kelly, "they're not here!" i shouted, " what do u mean they're not here?" she asked, i went downstairs, "they're not upstairs, i'll call kelly" i said, on the third ring she answered, i put it on speaker, "heyy kells, where r u two?" i asked. " oh we're in a hotel, im sorry we didnt call, but it was late at night, we were tooo tired to drive, so we went to the nearest hotel, we'll be home in a few hours, is nathalie anywhere beside u?" she said. "hey there you!" nathalie replied. " heyyyy, nathalie, it was amazing, its the happiest day of my life" answered kells. " wow good for you! Hey gtg we gotta eat. Byezz!" said nathalie. "bye" said kells. I ended the call, i realized she was looking at my abs, "perfect abs, i bet your girlfriend is the luckiest girl on earth" she said, then moved to the table, and sat down, i sat beside her and said" i dont have a girlfriend" " what do u mean u dont have a girlfriend? " she said in shock, "yeah i dont have one, i havent found the perfect girl, so im waiting for her to come" i replied. " u dont have to wait dor her, u have to search for her, she might be the closest person to you, or the girl you never thought would be yours!" she said giggling. Just look at her eyes, im not falling for her i already did. So i pulled out my bb, and broadcasted a message saying: I think i found her, i just wanna tell her: Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, im falling for you, so like me maybe? . I selected her. And no one but her. Her phone buzzed she opened it, and checked her bbm, she read my bc aloud, and asked " so who's mrs. Lucky?" "ohhn that its just a bc, hey wanna take some pics?" i asked trying to change the subject she nodded and said " yeah why not" she didmt bother changing her shirt or putting some make-up on, unlike other girls. We took a few pics, then an idea popped kn my head, when we were taking a puc, i kissed her cheek, after she checked the pic she said smiling " well i'll do the same in the upcoming pic" as we took the pic she kissed my cheek, then i sent her all the pics we took, then she changed her display picture, to the one i kissed her in, and she said in her personal message dp: zaynyyyyyyy and meeeee, such a great friendship we have! So i changed my dp to the one she kissed me in, and wrote something similar. Thats when she asked to go shopping and i agreed, we went to a few shops, she tried in lots of things, the nice one's i kept them with me, when she was changing i went and paid for them, she got mad at me, but i just simply stated " if u consider me a friend of yours, you'll let me pay, if not i'll leave now" she gave up this way. We went home packed everything in its place, thats when i got a call, but i was brushing myteeth so i asked nathalie to answer and put it on speaker, she answered saying hello, harry asked in shock " who r u? Where is zayn? Have u eaten him?" she giggled and said " no, he,s brushing his teeth, and im nathalie" " ohh ur the girl in his dp?" he asked " oh yeah" she replied. " hey harry!" i said, " hey homie, whre have u been?" he asked " oh just hanging out with nathalie" i replied. " lsnn zayn, tomorrow, we're going bowling, and your coming with us!" he said, "oh no, i cant, i have to stay with nathalie" i replied " no, you have to go, u already spent time with me!" she suddenly said, " guys calm down! Zayn bet nathalie with you, if that means u would come!" amd he hung off. " we better go to sleep, big day tomorrow" she said , kissing my cheek, and saying good night, leaving me there alone, thtas when she got a phone call, it was from kelly, she said she's only comimg to pick her clothes, she decided to go on vacation with julian, well not a vacation, they're staying on london, but not beside us, they want there alone time, now great, i'll be with her for the holidays which is interesting. Now its time for me to sleep.
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