Caught My Eye (One Direction Not Famous)

Nathalie Evans a 18 year old girl living in Los Angeles, faces lots of problems with life, she travels to the UK for vacation with her brother julian while tom is with his parents on another vacation in the middle east, and they will stay at her aunts which is 2 years older from her, then julian has to go back to the US for his college, which turns out that he'sgoing with kelly, thats when she meets a guy named zayn, she falls in love with him, they get in relation,he betrays her. Wanna now more! Read!


1. Stuck Up With Julian

Nathalie's P.O.V.

"Hunny?" shouted my mom from upstairs. "yeah mom??" i replied shutting the telly off. "Come here i have to talk to you about something, its kinda urgent" she shouted again, as i ran upstairs hoping that it wont be one of those girlish issue's. It was a few days till Christmas eve, as i reached her room she started her speech " I and your father haven't been on a vacation since your youngest brother got born, which is 12 years, and we decided to go on a vacation, and since your brother's birthday is on new year's eve, then he's coming with us, cause of he didn't, he'll make a big fuss about it.... you know tom hunny.. so you'll be staying here with julian, and aunt kelly might come and stay for the time we're not here...that's if she could, she's now 20 and finally got the job of her dreams, as you know she's a pretty famous model now." she said sadly but still faking a smile, "But mom!!! this is no fair!! yeah julian might be 21 but he acts like a 10 year old, there's no way i would survive with him. And you never left me alone!! And as you know i have no responsibility! come on mom!!" i said with a tear escaping my eye, and ran to my room and slammed the door shut behind me, and managed to put my brownish-red hair in a bun, a messy one though. How could she leave me!! There is no way i could survive, who would clean my room? who would prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner? who would do the laundry? what if i tried cooking something and by mistake set the house on fire? what if julian got one of his friends home, and they messed up the whole house who would clean it? No!! This can't be happening!! Wait isn't aunt kelly living in the UK, i always wanted to go there! I wiped my tears away, opened the door and ran into my moms room, "Sorry mom, i overacted, i should've understood" i managed to say. "Now what is it that you want? You never apologize unless you want something" she said, well she got me this time! So i just said "You know i always dreamed of going to the UK, can I instead go to aunt kelly? pweaaaasseeeee mom" "Well I'll think about it, and the word is please not pwease" she declared. I couldnt control myself so I let a little giggle out, "Yeah well this is a new word teens are now using instead of please, its catchy while please is too.. ummm.. old! Now can I gooooo??? and btw where are you guys going to?" i said pulling out my best puppy face which she can never resist! "Okay, Okay you can, and we're going to lebanon, it's somewhere in the middle east, kinda far from here, but im sure its worth it, i heard that lebanon had the most beautiful gardens and forseste, and citizens are sweet there" she said. I smirked and went out. At least i wont be with julian this vacation, but sometimes he can actually be funny then i heard mom shouting something knocking me out of my thoughts "And btw julian is coming with you, cause of he stayed here, the minute we leave, the house sets on fire, you know your older brother.." she said. "BUT MOM!! AND BTW HE IS ONLY OLD IN AGE BUT HIS BRAIN HADN'T DEVELOPED YET! EVEN TOM IS SMARTER AND MORE MATURE THAN JULIAN, BUT IM TELLING YOU MOM, I WONT KEEP AN EYE ON HIM! I WONT EVEN LOOK AT HIM!!" i said shouting furiously, "Fine!!" said mom.



Julian's P.O.V.


I was in the kitchen drinking a cup of hot chocolate when I heard Nathalie shouting something, but i assure you she was furious, ".....HIS BRAIN HADN'T DEVELOPED YET! EVEN TOM IS SMARTER AND MORE MATURE THAN JULIAN, BUT IM TELLING YOU MOM, I WONT KEEP AN EYE ON HIM! I WONT EVEN LOOK AT HIM!!" that's what i heard her saying, im sure she was talking about me, what does she mean that she wont keep an eye on me ? and not even look at me, something strange is going on, i took a sip of my hot chocolate, that's when mom came in knocking me out of my thoughts, "what happened up there?" i managed to say, "Listen julian, I your dad and thomas, are going on vacation to the middle east, and nathalie got sad about being left out, so she thought of traveling to the UK, and you're going with her, aunt kelly will be there taking care of you.." i cut her off and said: "oooh seems interesting!" Well I kinda had feelings for kelly she might be my aunt, but im still older. Mom, on the other hand knocking me outta my thoughts again continued her little speech "Listen son, i depend on you of taking care of nathalie she's irresponsible for everything even her own actions!! Promise me that you'll keep an eye on her and take care of her" She commanded but in a nice way "Ofcourse mom, that's a promise" What did I just promise taking care of my sis!! I never promise, and mostly about looking over someone! That was bad, too bad.

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