Beautifull Bandit *Niall Horan love story*

Gemma Monroe works in the normal food diner in America,Nandos.But one day what if Niall Horan stepped in into Nando's and he fell right into the eyes of gemma? We will have to find out...


3. Chapter 2

I nodded at everyone,trying to get there attention instead of fangirling and shouting.I really felt like getting a loud fog horn at this moment in time.I walked over to Amy and signed,shaking her a little then pinching her "Love,this is real,no barbeying about now,darling.Get your act together!" I repeated,grabbing her arm and dragging her over to Jay. " I think she needs a day o-" "No I don't!" She interrupted me and stuck her tongue out "Listen girls,you can both have a day off seeming you need to get your gifts ready,I'm organising a jacuzzi party for Niall and all of us,it will be brill" He won't blabbing on,but
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