Beautifull Bandit *Niall Horan love story*

Gemma Monroe works in the normal food diner in America,Nandos.But one day what if Niall Horan stepped in into Nando's and he fell right into the eyes of gemma? We will have to find out...


1. Chapter 1

 Walking down the cold road on my way to work.Screaming and shouting filled the street as everyone headed to school on there first day.I understood that all them children would be disappointed.......... school...hardly any food,and its the first day.But at least I can brag and sit around all day scoffing food and serving people.I squashed my side against the big glass door as the smell of freshly baked chicken filled my nose. I looked around and smiled as I ran over to Amy,my best friend.We met at college a few years ago,she wanted to study science and historic biology but failed so then came with me and studied food tech.She squealed and looked over at the manager and nodding. "Apparently its Niall Horan's birthday,and he wants one here.He said everyone who works invited to a party,so its obviously us two are invited,and its going to be exiting.very exiting,with 5 sexy boys  hanging around infront of us,and I know you like them really..So you know,Just give me everything you wanna do to him,so that I can tell him.PLEEAASSSSEE..And also tell me who it is?"She explained in a very fast tone.I raised my eyebrow and chuckled " 1. Explain that again but slow. 2.What does he want here. 3.NO and last of all 4.WHAT ARE WE GOING TO GET HIM?" She facepalmed and looked over at Jay,the manager. "He will explain,its obviously you didn't listen to me,so from now on.." She zipped her lips and walked back to the counter,serving another lady. I walked over to Jay "So what did she say again?"


In the end I started to understand what Jay and Amy where trying to explain to me.I nodded and walked over into the coat hanger room,unzipping and hanging it by my name tag. I sighed and thought about this.I knew he liked food,from what Amy explained to me.So I would get him a Mcdonalds burger?Umm...$20 to spend in Asda...No........Ummm!YES! I HAVE IT! Another Nando's celebrity free card. Haha,no one will come up with my idea,yeah like someones gonna just appear and come and cackle,telling me they heard. Well i shouldn't of said that,Because,Kelly the nando's slut came barging in with her big pink heels "Hi there Gemma!I heard that Nialls coming,and also that you would like to bang him,so as everyone says i should tell him that!" Her high pitched voice squealed in dissapointment "You know i love him,so that's why I'm going to get him a gift card,not you,he will like me better then,right?Hope so,anyway,See you later,hope I won't turn out to be ya!" She squealed again,walking out and slapping her Nando's hat on her bleached hair.Urgh,that little slut! I walked after her and stopped quickly.An irish accent filled my ears,I ran out while slipping off my ragged shoes and flinging them back.I heard that everything stopped,stares looking over at me. I shot up and smiled awkwardly. Everyone laughed loudly as I blushed a deep red and walked over to the side of the room and at the back of the boys,standing on a chair and telling Amy to brush her hair down,then  get her sleep out of her eyes.She smiled fakely as I jumped down,walking back by her and smirking.Louis looked over at the Kelly and whispered to Niall,which obviously everybody heard "Did she paint her face orange?" We all fell into laughter,me snorting my head off,now everbody laughing and pointing at me.Then on the other hand Kelly walking off in a fuss.

 I really think this place is turning CRAZY!


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