Sing for me

I'm Emily, I attend the Royal college of music in Cardiff (Wales). One day my Teacher decided to leave and now I have five new teachers.


3. OW!


I walked back out of the toilets shakily ‘Em are you okay?’ Liam looked concerned ‘yeah I just don’t feel the best’ I sighed. As soon as I said that a pain grew in my stomach, I lurched forward Niall grabbed me before I fell ‘ow’ I grumbled Niall helped me back up from my crouch position on the floor ‘are you sure’ Liam asked again ‘yes I’ll be fine’. ‘sing one of our songs then?’ Harry grinned. Louis played I want. ‘Whoa that’s better than us’ Niall smiled, I blushed again. Zayn walked back in ‘I-I’m sorry’ He looked at the floor ‘you want to be’ I frowned.

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