Sing for me

I'm Emily, I attend the Royal college of music in Cardiff (Wales). One day my Teacher decided to leave and now I have five new teachers.


4. my place tonight?


‘Em we’ve decided on a plan’ Harry started the next day ‘Niall is going to be an overall person attending all of your lessons, Liam is going to do your ballet lessons, Louis is going to sing, Zayn is going to be very nice and help and I’m just moping around’ he smiled. ‘sounds good’ I grinned ‘what first?’ ‘ballet’ Liam smirked. I stretched on the bar in the middle of the room and did the splits. Liam pressed the play button on the CD player and played one thing, I managed to dance around the studio to it ‘not bad’ Niall smiled.

My next lesson was with Louis ‘how about we try the sound of music?’ He grinned ‘the lonely goatherd’ I looked at him with a blank expression, he started to laugh. ‘High on a hill was a lonely goatherd- yodeladioledaheehoo’ I laughed through the song Niall, Harry, Liam and Zayn were all in stitches. ‘Lunch time!’ Niall shouted I pulled a packet of crisps out of my bag ‘don’t you go out for lunch?’ Harry asked ‘no’ I shook my head ‘Oh come to Nando’s with us please?’ Niall insisted ‘fine’ I sighed ‘YAY!’ Niall shouted as he ran down the corridor. We walked to Nando’s and sat down ‘Hi how can I help you’ a very good looking waiter smiled at me, Niall put his arm around me and glared at the waiter ‘Uh..I’ll have the quarter chicken please’ I spoke up, the rest of the boys ordered. ‘what was that all about?’ I looked at Niall ‘I...’ The boys looked at him in awe ‘come with me’ he said standing up and leading me just outside the restaurant. ‘I really like you Em’ I blushed ‘will you go out with me?’ He smiled, I blushed ‘yes’ I stifled through tears, Niall hugged me tight and kissed my nose. We walked back into Nando’s I rubbed away the tears ‘Em are you okay?’ Liam asked, I nodded silently ‘Nice one what have you done?’ Harry nudged Niall. Nail put his arm around me and smiled ‘she’s mine okay all mine’ he laughed evilly making me smile. ‘ so my place tonight princess?’ Niall smiled sweetly ‘urm...okay’ I grinned.

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