Sing for me

I'm Emily, I attend the Royal college of music in Cardiff (Wales). One day my Teacher decided to leave and now I have five new teachers.


7. Momma nature


‘Emily honey’ I felt a strong hand stroking my arm ‘Mph’ I grumbled and turned over to find Harry knelt beside me ‘hello’ He smiled ‘hi’ My voice was raspy ‘’ Harry pointed to my trousers ‘for fuck sake’ my blood stained trousers under Harry’s gaze, I jumped up and ran to the bedroom and changed my pad  knickers and trousers again. I pulled out my iPod and wandered into the living room to find Harry on his phone ‘where’s the boys?’ I questioned he looked up ‘gone to get food’ he smiled ‘oh’ I smiled back ‘do you feel better?’ he asked ‘um..yeah...I suppose’ I mumbled ‘being a woman sucks by the look of you’ He laughed ‘Thanks’ I poked my tongue out . The boys finally came back with Nandos ‘Emily!’ Zayn shouted ‘What!’ I snapped back ‘Food!’ He shouted again. I wandered into the dining room the food was laid out neatly on the table. I didn’t want to eat. I sat at the table quietly as the boys tucked in ‘Em you gonna eat’ Niall said through mouthfuls of food, I shook my head ‘why’s that?’ Liam looked concerned ‘I really don’t want to talk about it’ I looked down Harry started to laugh ‘Don’t Harry’ I warned ‘How does he know?’ Niall looked up from his food ‘she was sleeping and...’ I jumped over the table and put my hand over his mouth ‘NO’ I growled, after that there was an awkward silence ‘ food’ Louis interrupted the silence. I got up and left the table to sit quietly in the living room, My eyes got heavy so I closed them for a little while, Louis ran into the room and hugged me tightly ‘what’s up?’ I opened my eyes and sighed ‘go away I don’t want to talk about it’ He loose go of me and crouched down in front of me ‘Emily are you having a present from momma nature?’ He smiled ‘Yes’ I snapped  ‘yes and it’s bringing me down’. The rest of the boys walked in ‘She needs cheering up’ Louis shouted Harry and Liam pounced on me and started ticking me ‘Get off’ I laughed. When they finally finished I got up from the sofa and hugged Niall ‘I’m sorry for being a dick’ I sighed he hugged back ‘don’t worry it’s your hormones’ He laughed ‘you wanna stay tonight?’ He asked ‘only if someone can take me to my dorm to get some bits’ I laughed ‘I’ll take you’ Zayn offered  ‘okay can we go now?’ I smiled.

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