Sing for me

I'm Emily, I attend the Royal college of music in Cardiff (Wales). One day my Teacher decided to leave and now I have five new teachers.


5. Haven't met you yet


After finishing all my lessons for the day and grabbing some bits from my dorm I jumped into Niall’s car and went to his apartment in Cardiff central. ‘and this is the bedroom’ Niall said finishing his tour of the apartment, it was ten p.m and I was really tired ‘I-I’m going to go to bed’ I yawned and left Niall on the sofa.

The next morning I heard the boys voices downstairs, I started to walk down the stairs ‘she’s so sweet she went to bed without me last night and she slept right in the corner so I had enough room!’ Niall laughed I turned the corner to the living room ‘I tell you she’s amazing’ he carried on ‘I’m glad you like me so much’ I giggled, he turned to me sheepishly. ‘I’m um...taking a shower is that okay?’ I smiled ‘sure sure go ahead!’ Niall laughed.

I took my shower and got dressed, I turned my iPod on and Michael Bublé haven’t met you yet blasted through my earphones and I instantly started dancing around, I thought the boys had gone home so I ran down the stairs ‘And I know that we can be so amazing And being in your life is gonna change me And now I can see every single possibility And someday I know it'll all turn out And I'll work to work it out Promise you, kid, I'll give more than I get Than I get, than I get, than I get’
I belted the song out I ran through the living room expecting to be alone ‘I mean...’ Zayn stopped in mid conversation and I pranced into the middle of the sofa’s and spun around ‘Em...Emily...EMILY REED’ Niall shouted ‘Oh, you know it'll all turn out And you'll make me work so we can work to work it out And I promise you kid to give so much more than I get Yeah, I just haven’t met you yet.’ I carried on, Harry pushed me over out of his way and I opened my eyes ‘oh hi’ I mumbled sheepishly ‘I thought you guys went home’ ‘No they haven’t’ Niall smiled and outstretched his arm I took it and he pulled me up on to his lap  and curled my hair. ‘Nice singing, just remember to breathe from your diaphragm’ Louis laughed ‘Thanks’ I yawned ‘Niall don’t...’ I snuggled my head into his polo ‘what?’ He smiled innocently continuing to twirl my hair ‘she’s gone’ he laughed.

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