Sing for me

I'm Emily, I attend the Royal college of music in Cardiff (Wales). One day my Teacher decided to leave and now I have five new teachers.


6. Do we have to have an audience?


I woke up two  hours later felling really groggy, I got up and shuffled to the bathroom, I looked down at my trousers ‘Oh for fuck sake’ I shouted at the top of my lungs. Niall and the rest of the boys ran up the stairs. ‘Em..honey it’s Niall what’s the matter?’ He stood with his ear to the door ‘Uh..n-nothing’ I stammered looking through the cupboards ‘Emily’ Niall said sternly, I unlocked the door and poked my head around the corner ‘Em you’re really pale’ Harry stated ‘thanks’ I said flatly ‘what’s up?’ Niall looked at me sternly ‘ we have to have an audience?’ I looked at the boys, they all walked away slowly when they were out of earshot ‘I started Niall as in down there’ I whispered ‘ this is awkward’ He sighed ‘Look Niall just tell the boys to keep on my good side and get chocolate ready I need some’ I hissed ‘ma’am yes ma’am’ Niall saluted. I darted from the bathroom to the bedroom changed my underwear and trousers and wandered downstairs ‘You okay?’ Liam asked ‘yeah’ I lied ‘Niall has gone out it was an emergency apparently’ Zayn smirked, I flopped down on the sofa and put my head back ‘urrgh’ I sighed ‘Em! I’m back!!’ Niall shouted he dumped the shopping bag on my lap, I pulled out painkillers, a bottle of water and multiple bars of chocolate. I took two painkillers in my hand ‘Take them then’ Niall put his hand on my back. I threw the tablets in my mouth and gulped the water ‘bleurgh’ I coughed. I led back down ‘my tummy’ I whimpered and rubbed my stomach ‘then you won’t need these’ Louis teased picking up the bag of chocolate ‘Louis please don’t’ I warned him getting off the sofa ‘come get them’ he rattled the bag ‘Louis’ I sighed ‘give me the bag’ he started to run ‘LOUIS’ I shouted ‘Louis don’t’ Niall warned him but it was too late I was running after him like a crazed animal, he ran back to the sofa area ‘Niall stop her’ he started to panic ‘no can do’ he smiled evilly, Louis quickly tossed the bag to me ‘thank you’ I smiled sweetly ‘ but please don’t do that again...or I will kill you’ I glared at him and flopped back down on the sofa, I opened a bar of Galaxy ‘mmmm.....’ Niall looked at me eagerly ‘C..can I have some?’ he blushed ‘hmm...sure’ I handed him a row ‘Thank you’ he laughed. I turned over to face the back of the sofa and fell asleep again.

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