One Direction Infection

Millie is enjoying life, she gets good grades at school and has lots if friends but when she has to move to America, what will happen?


2. The beach

'So what we gonna do?' Sophie asked. Lia turned on the tv, flicked through the channels but stopped on ITV.
'Xfactor isn't on yet, it's only 4:30!!' I told Lia. 'I know but I'm recording it.' She replied, keeping her eyes fixed on the flat screen. 'We could go down to the beach for a bit?' Sophie suggested. 'YEAH!!' Me and dani shouted in unison. We smiled at each other and begged Georgia and Lia to come too. 'Fine.' They finally gave in and me, Sophie and Danielle high fived each other.

Half an hour later we were all ready for the beach. With our bikinis underneath our shorts and t-shirts, we set off down the road. It only took about 10 minutes to get to the beach. When we arrived we walked down to the end, where it was quieter, and rolled a few mats out onto the soft sand. I collapsed onto one while the others finished setting up. 'You coming in the water Abbi?' Sophie asked me. 'No, I might later though.' I answered while reaching for my sunglasses. 'Ok.' She replied before running into the sea, along with Georgia, sophie, Lia and Danielle. After half an hour, I decided to have some fun in the sea. I stood up, brushed the sand off my body and ran into the water. I was expecting it to be cold, like in England, but it wasn't. I smiled before diving onto Danielle's back. She screamed and threw me off, causing me to go under water. I decided to stay under for as long as I could, to see what the girls would do. I could hear dani shouting my name which made me laugh and a few bubbles slipped out of my mouth. The water around me started to splash and I could hear them all calling me. I burst out laughing and finally came to the surface. All four heads turned to face me while I laughed. 'You should've seen your faces!' I managed to say. Sophie smirked and said 'that was actually quite good Abbi.'
I laughed again and they shook they're heads. 'Did you bring the ball?' Georgia asked. 'Yeah, it's in the purple bag.' Lia replied.
'YaY! We can play soccer.' Georgia said while jumping up and down with excitement. 'You mean football?' I asked. Dani chuckled before adding 'yeah, sorry.' She smiled at me and I returned it.
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