One Direction Infection

Millie is enjoying life, she gets good grades at school and has lots if friends but when she has to move to America, what will happen?


6. Need some suggestions on what to a write after this...

Abbi's POV:
Harry sounded perfect. Wait, he is perfect! A few tears escaped my now red eyes but I wiped them away before anyone could notice.
All five of us had our eyes glued to the tv screen, as we'd never ever ever heard him sing before. His audition made me realise how lucky I actually am and why he chose me? Out of all of us, I'm probably the ugliest. I'm not calling myself ugly but next to Lia,Sophie,Dani and Georgia... I am. Harry always gave me a lecture about self confidence and to never ever ever ever ever doubt myself... Well I do, he just doesn't know. Once the music ended we all seemed to lean further in, getting closer to the flat screen Tv.
Once the audience had stopped clapping and cheering, the Jude's began to speak. 'How old are you?'' Katy asked him. '18' Harry answered. She smiled before adding:'that's amazing! Your really talented Harry.' I couldn't stop smiling and neither could Harry.
All four judges said he was amazing, talented, lucky, cute, and adorable therefore they all said yes!!! We all jumped up off the sofa and cheered. All of a sudden I was surrounded by the five girls who were giving me a group hug.

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