One Direction Infection

Millie is enjoying life, she gets good grades at school and has lots if friends but when she has to move to America, what will happen?


9. Meeting the boys

It has been about a month since that happened and a lot has changed. Georgia got a job in New York, Katie moved to England and Harry got through to boot camp on the Xfactor! He calls me everyday and sometimes he flies over. Turns out Harry and Zayn are really good friends.
Right now I'm sat at home watching some rubbish on Tv while eating super noodles:) I was just about to get a drink when my phone rang, it was Harry. I smiled and answered it. 'Hello?' Quite a few different voices could be heard in the background. 'Hiya love.' He finally spoke. I was about to ask who he was with but he started talking again. 'Im coming over this weekend and I've got a surprise!' He sound really excited which made me giggle. 'Will I like this surprise?' I asked. 'YES!! Definitely.' He replied. 'Ok then, what have you been doing today then?' I said to make conversation. 'Just chilling with the boys, what about you?' He answered. 'Watching Tv and eating super noodles.' I laughed while saying it and Harry did too.!
He started talking again but I soon realised he wasn't talking to me.
'Louis just go away... Why? Please!!...Go annoy Liam or something! Louis.' Harry sighed before returning to me. 'Look babe, I'll talk to you later I love you.' Then hung up. 'Who's Louis?' I whispered to myself.
I sighed heavily as I sat back down on the sofa.
2 days later:
Yay!! Harry's coming over today, actually he should be at the airport in about an hour. I need to go.
I slipped on some vans and hopped into my Audi (I got it a few days ago) and drove to the airport.
I got there about half an hour early due to my quick driving. 'Flight 28 now departing from London.' A lady's voice announced. I soon saw Harry running towards me. I smiled a massive smile and so did he, showing off his gorgeous dimples. 'I missed you!' He almost shouted before holding me tight.
I just laughed. 'Wow, it's only been a month and your getting bigger!' I looked down at my slightly larger stomach. I hadn't really noticed as it had only grown a little. 'I know.' I replied. 'Whats this surprise?' I asked. However instead if answering my question Harry smiled, grabbed my hand and his suitcase and started walking towards nando's. 'why nando's?' I questioned but again he just smiled. He led me over to a nearly full table. 'Mille, these are my band mates.' I frowned as I looked at the 4 boys sitting at the table. A slightly tanned one with blue eyes and brown hair ruffled to one side, another with blonde hai and amazing blue eyes, one with a shaved head and brown eyes and finally the one with the familiar black quiff and brown eyes. Zayn.
'Hey I'm Niall.' Said the blonde one. I smiled sheepishly and waved. 'Im Liam nice to meet you,we've heard a lot about you Millie.' The one with the buzz cut said. I smiled again and turned to Zayn. 'Um, hi.' He said awkwardly.
'Hi.' I replied. 'People call me Louis but you can call me later!' He joked and even added a wink.
'Louis!!' Harry growled. Louis laughed and help his hands up in defence. 'Heyy! I'm only joking. Anyway I know how happy you two are, seen as you never shut up!' He replied. I laughed as Harry blushed a little. 'Aww are you blushing baby?' I questioned as I poked his flushed cheeks. This made him blush more so I kept poking his cheeks but he held both my hand still and kissed me on the lips. I smiled into the kiss before pulling away and sitting down next to Niall. Louis was opposite me, with Liam and Zayn next him and Harry sat down next to me. I was just going to start over with Zayn. I'm just going to pretend I've never met him before!
We ordered our food and started talking. Louis and Liam have got girlfriends. 'Zayn how come you don't have a girlfriend?' I asked curiously. His head shot up at me and our eyes locked. He shook his head and looked back at his food.
'Um, well... There was this girl I really like and errm, she moved away... I called her but she never answered and I just guess I've never moved on.' He raised his head on the last part and started into my eyes. I nodded slowly.
'What are we doing after this?' I asked changing the subject. 'How about we go to get the girls and we could head down to the beach?' Harry suggested. I turned to look at him and smiled. 'Yeah.' I said quietly. 'Who are the girls?' Niall asked. 'My friends, Lia and Sophie.' He nodded slightly and went back to his food. 'We need to check in at our hotel so once we have all changed come pick us up? Harry knows where it is.' Liam said. I nodded and me and Harry waved the three boys goodbye

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