One Direction Infection

Millie is enjoying life, she gets good grades at school and has lots if friends but when she has to move to America, what will happen?


4. Harry's audition

*since the last chapter was so short, this ones really long:D*

'Guys!!!' I shouted. There was a chorus of 'coming!' And 'yeah?' Before I replied, 'it's nearly time for xfactor!' I started packing my clothes I came in and wrapped a towel around me, over my bikini.
I couldn't miss this! I promised Harry! I can't, I can't, I can't!!!
What would he say if I missed his audition?
My thoughts were interrupted by Lia shaking one of the mats viscously, trying to get all the sand off. 'Sorry' she said before helping me get the sand out of my hair.
Once I was sand free (apart from my feet, obviously), I helped her roll the mat's up that were left.
'Ready?' Georgia asked. I looked up to see her, Sophie and dani with their mat and bag in their hands, waiting for me and Lia.
'Yep!' I said popping the P. I placed my leopard print sunglasses on and skipped to catch up with the others. We walked in a line and I giggled a little as we must look like the popular girls out of films, like where they'll all walk in a line with their handbags and sunglasses on? Haha... Anyway, when we arrived back at my house, me and Danielle took a shower first. There's two bathrooms, don't worry;) I washed all the remaining sand of my body after washing my
hair. I then stepped out of the shower, wrapped a pink zebra print towel around myself and dashed into my room. I changed into my pyjamas and ran down the stairs. 'Is it on yet?!' I questioned, a little too hyper. 'Um... It's just starting.' Sophie answered. Dani then came down with her shorts and pink jack wills top on, from earlier. She sat next to me in the leather sofa as did Georgia while Lia and Sophie went to take a shower. 'If Harry comes on and your still in the shower, I'll pause it... Okay?' I shouted up the stairs, to Sophie and Lia. 'Yeah!' They shouted back in unison. I was soooo excited. I couldn't stop smiling!:)

Harry's POV:
After my flight back to England, getting changed, practising my song and driving to the arena, I was ready for my audition. I was one of the first ones on! My mum, sister and step-dad had come along to support me, however I wasn't nervous at all! I was just going to enjoy myself and see what the judges think. Whilst waiting for my time to shine, I met a boy called Louis. Oh how funny he was! He's just so random and crazy but he's just generally a really nice person. I also talked to a boy named Zayn. He seemed quiet yet mischievous at the same time. He was sitting next to a blonde person who was practising songs on his guitar while humming along.
'Is that the song your auditioning with?' I asked him, while he was playing isn't she lovely. His head shot up to me and he looked startled. 'Uh, no... No it's not but I'm Niall.' He put his hand out and I shook it. 'Oh ok, it's just I am and I'm Harry.' After waiting around 25 minutes and having a long conversation with Niall, it was time for my audition. I was given a microphone and told to stand on the Red Cross. I swallowed before stepping out into centre stage. I smiled at all the judges, Louis, Cheryl, Katy and Simon. 'Hi, I'm Harry.' I spoke down the microphone. A few people cheered and shouted things I couldn't hear. The lights were soo bright! 'So Harry, how old are you?' Cheryl asked. '18.' I replied and smiled again. 'And what song are you singing?' She added.
'Isn't she lovely.' I answered but as soon as I said that an image of Millie came into my head and I couldn't help but smile. I looked back to the judges who were smirking. 'Is this song about someone?' Katy asked. I chuckled before saying 'yeah.' And smiling again. 'Your girlfriend?' Simon asked. I nodded and said 'she's called Millie and she's beautiful, she's probably watching now and I can just imagine her cute face blush as i speak.' I faced the floor and thought of Millie blushing as I had just said she was beautiful on Tv. I heard an 'aww' from one of the judges and looked up to see It was Katy and Cheryl. 'Right then Harry, whenever your ready.' Louis interrupted. I nodded and took a small step back before turning to my left and nodding, clearly. The music started and my confidence grew...

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