One Direction Infection

Millie is enjoying life, she gets good grades at school and has lots if friends but when she has to move to America, what will happen?


8. Happy tears

I woke up to see all the girls towering over me. When they noticed I was awake all four of their faces lit up. Just then a female doctor walked into the room with a warm, friendly smile on her face. Once she reached the side of my hospital bed, she put her hand out and I shook it. 'Hello Millie, I'm Doctor smith but you can call me Gabby.' I smiled back and nodded. 'It appears you passed out.' I was going to say something sarcastic but I thought it was a bit rude, as she was being so nice. Instead I just nodded. 'We've done a few tests and...' She turned to face Sophie, Lia, dani and gg. 'Ermm, would you mind waiting outside?' They said yeah and walked out slowly. Gabby then looked back at me. 'Have you got a boyfriend Millie?'
I smiled at the thought of Harry.
'Yes I have, he's called Harry.'
She wrote something on her clipboard before adding, 'well, your pregnant.' WHAT!!! How is that possible? When? How long?
I wanted to ask so many questions but I couldn't speak. I was shocked. 'Can I call Harry?' I asked Gabby. She nodded and smiled again. I grabbed my phone out of my bag and dialled Harry's number as fast as I could. 'Hello, Millie! Where have you been? I tried face timing you but you never answered!!?' I took a deep breath in, 'Harry, I've been at the hospital...' There was a long pause until he finally spoke. 'What for?'
He sounded really worried. 'I-I-... I'm pregnant Harry.' I almost whispered. He began to talk but I cut him off, 'if you don't want a baby yet it's fine. J...just promise you won't leave me?!' I said between tears. 'Millie don't cry. Of course I'm not going to leave you and if your having a baby so am I.' This made me smile. 'I love you Harry!' I said. 'I love you too Millie!' He replied. 'I will come over as soon as I can, ok? There's a few more weeks of auditions so I'll come then,' He then added. I nodded and then realised he couldn't see so I replied:'ok then.'
'Who are you talking to?' An unknown voice could be heard down the phone. Harry ignored the person however they then asked if he was talking to his girlfriend. 'Yes I am guys! So just go away please!' Harry told whoever it was. 'Sorry about that, I made a few friends.' Oh no, what if he is friends with Zayn?!
'Oh, um... Th-that's, cool i guess.' I answered nervously. 'Yeah, um... Oh they're called Niall, Louis and Za- its an unusual name...Zayn I haven't spoken to him a lot yet though.' I didn't really know what to say. 'Errm, yeah! I mean oh cool?' I was unsure if what I was saying to be honest. 'Well I've got to go now, to errmm... Have another test, yeah the doctor wants me to have another so ill talk to you later! Love you.'
'Ok then... Love you too!' Then I hung up. I sighed heavily as I slid down the hospital bed and under the blanket. Gabby walked back in after she saw I'd finished on the phone. 'I know that your going to be shocked but you are pregnant. So I need to know, does Harry want this baby too?' She asked me. 'Yes, he does.' I smiled.
She nodded and said 'I asked your friends to leave the room because I didn't know if you actually wanted the baby or if you didn't want them to know or-'
I cut her off by saying:'it's fine, could you ask then to come back in now? I want to tell them.' She nodded and opened the door so my friends could come back in.
'So what happened?' Georgia asked. 'Im pregnant.' Their eyes widened in shock but once they saw my huge grin they smiled too.
'I know I'm only eighteen but Harry said he won't leave me because of the baby, so I've got him, my family and you guys!' They all gathered around me for a group hug. 'Aww' said Lia. 'We will always be here for you!' Added Katie. A few tears escaped from the corners of my eyes. 'Babe, why are you crying?' Questioned Sophie. 'Yim crying because I'm happy.' I replied simply.
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