One Direction Infection

Millie is enjoying life, she gets good grades at school and has lots if friends but when she has to move to America, what will happen?


7. 0h nO...

We decided to pause xfactor and
Ring Harry. The first call he didnt answer but he did on the second.
''Omg, well done!!! That was amazing babe.'' I almost screamed down the phone. He laughed while all the others shouted things like: yeah your great, perfection and fantastic!
''I have to go now but I promise I'll FaceTime you tomorrow morning!?'' Harry replied. ''Yeah ok, love you!!'' I said. '' love you too.'' Then he hung up and we went to watch the rest of the xfactor. There were quite a few good ones this year... Along with a lot of bad ones! One audition stood out the most to me, it was Zayn's. His voice brought tears to my eyes and Sophie noticed therefore she gave me a quick hug and made us all a hot chocolate.
I smiled as she brought out the tray full of boiling chocolate as she had added extra cream and marshmallows on mine. I mouthed thanks to her and grabbed my pink minnie mouse cup off the tray. Zayn was the only person I could think about.
I couldn't even sleep that night because I wasn't sure if i should call him or not. Should I?...
I fell asleep eventually with that question still on my mind.

I was woken in the morning by my phone vibrating while playing Don't stop the party by pitbull.
My eyes widened at who was calling. It was Zayn!!! My hand shook as I reached to press answer. I was greeted by his voice that I missed sooo much. 'Millie?'
My eyes stung as tears began to form but I swallowed and replied,
'Zayn? I miss you so much!' After that I couldn't really understand what he was saying because I broke down into tears. Throughout his talking all I heard was:'don't cry, I miss you, did you watch xfactor and... Is Harry Styles your boyfriend?' How did he know Harry? Did they meet each other before their auditions? What did they talk about? How does he know me and Harry are dating? So many other questions ran through my head. I was lost in an ocean of thought. Zayn's voice kept calling my name, over and over again but everything was dark and his voice got further and further away. I felt extremely dizzy, like I was going to pass out. And that's exactly what I did...
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