One Direction Infection

Millie is enjoying life, she gets good grades at school and has lots if friends but when she has to move to America, what will happen?


1. California?

Millie's POV:
He stopped the car outside my house and walked me to the door. 'Thanks zayn, I had a really great time at dinner!' I smiled at him while starring right into his beautiful brown eyes. 'Its ok... Guess I'll see you tomorrow?!' He replied. 'Yeah, bye!' I said while opening the door.
If only I knew that was the last I would ever see him...

2 years later, Millie's POV:
I'm 18 now and living in America. My mum and dad got a new job in California so we had to move here. I hated it at first, all the annoying accents, the different words and not knowing anyone here... But I love it now! I met a group of girls called Georgia, Sophie, Danielle and Lia. They're staying at mine, while my parents are on a business trip. I'm also dating this boy called Harry Styles, he's from England too and he's just here for a break before he auditions for xfactor! Zayn has an amazing voice too, I wish I could hear him sing again.
I still miss zayn, he was my best friend. He's the only reason I wanted to stay in England.

Zayn's POV:
I still think about her... Everyday, every night. We were best friends and she just left without saying goodbye. I've called her and text her but she only replied to one. It read: 'Zayn I'm sooooo sorry I left but I had no choice:( parents got a new job and we had to move, I miss you! Xxx'
She sent that about a week after she left. I try to think about other things, I've tried moving on but I can't...I- I'm in love with her!

2 weeks later, Millie's POV:
'Im gonna miss you!' I said while hugging Harry, tight. 'I know, i will miss you too...' He replied while lifting my chin so that we were staring into each other's eyes. A tear rolled down my cheek, soon followed by what felt like a waterfall. 'Don't cry Millie, I promise I'll text you, call you and FaceTime you everyday!' He smiled.
I wiped my face with the back of my hand and just nodded. I couldn't say anything. He pulled me into another hug, kissed my forehead before walking out the door and heading back to England. I waved as he drove past In his convertible. 'I can't wait to finally hear him sing.' Sophie excitedly said from the sofa. 'Same!' Lia and Georgia added in unison. I smiled before asking 'where dani?'
The others looked around until we heard a strange noise from the kitchen, like something had been dropped!!! We all dashed into the kitchen to see Danielle starting at the floor with her moth wide open. 'Danielle , what have you done?!' I questioned her while walking around the table to see what she was looking at. 'Oh.. It- I, I didn't mean to... It just fell, well n-no I knocked it But I swear it was an accident!' She stuttered. I stepped in front of her to see one of my favourite plates in hundreds of tiny pieces on the tiled floor. 'DANIELLE!' I shouted while picking up the pieces. 'Im so sorry.' She said.
I sighed. 'It's fine, just... Help me pick it up!?' I said. We picked up the pieces and threw them in the bin before collapsing onto the sofa.
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