One Direction Imagines

Hi I will be doing requests for these imagines and you can add the Lads' girlfriends like Danielle, Elenor, Perrie, Taylor and Amy however some of the Lads' will be single but i'm not sure who but i am doing a competition for my Harry Styles fan fiction just write a name below and I will choose one of them I will also do a Zayn, Louis, Niall and Liam fan fiction as well but not yet!!!


1. Harry and Emma

Emma's P.O.V

I had butterflies in my stomach, Today was my big day, My wedding day and yes I was marrying the Harry Styles! It was 9am and I jumped out of bed and started throwing pillows at Perrie (she was my maid of honour) to wake her up, after 2 minutes she finally woke up and screamed in my face saying IT'S YOUR WEDDING DAY!!! "I know i'm not stupid" I exclaimed now lets go to Elenor's to pick up our dresses and then we can head to the venue! We both quickly got dressed into our normal clothes, brushed our hair and teeth then headed outside and we hopped into my Lotus that Harry had bought me for my 19th birthday.

* 15 minutes later *

We finally arrived at Elenor's House and she ran out and gave me a massive hug "CONGRATULATIONS!!!" she yelled, can we go get my dress now? YAY! we ran inside and grabbed my dress, Perrie's dress and Elenor's dress and then we ran to the car not really caring where we sat because it was 2 hours to go until the wedding!

Harry's P.O.V

I was nervous, I woke up and got dressed, brush my teeth and grabbed my tukedo and my aftershave and then i got into my Land rover and drove to Louis' house to get ready.

Emma's P.O.V

It was time. I linked arms with my father and started to walk down the aisle, this was it the most magical day of my life, I finally got to the front of the aisle, and when I saw Harry I felt tears of joy treakle down my cheeks, we said our vows and then the priest announced " you may now kiss the bride" after we kissed we walked back down the aisle, PARTY TIME! shouted Niall, this truly was the most magical day of my life!


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