See Through

Olivia Adams isn't alive, but she isn't dead either. Somewhere between heaven and hell lies perpetual purgatory, and she's inevitably stuck in it. There's unfinished business to be tended to, but the question of what it is remains unanswered. She walks the streets of New York City with tears in her eyes, but nobody notices the girl that barely exists. Until a beautiful day. Niall Horan has found her, and he sees and feels and hears her. She's falling in love with him, even though she's frightened since her last lover took her very own life. Through Niall, Olivia is able to reconnect with her sister, Jessi, and exist as if she never left. But, what happens when a dark mass tries to ruin any chance Olivia has of living again? Will the mass get to her, allowing her spirit to move on? Will she be able to fight it off long enough to become human again? Or, will she forever remain see through?


11. Sleepy




“Are we going to visit Jessi today, or what?” she says impatiently.

“Right after we get done packing for the tour.”

“So, tomorrow, then?”

“Don't get sarcastic, love. I'm almost done.” I laugh as she goes through the wall to Harry's room, and a few seconds later I hear him shrieking. “Hahah, that never gets old.”


I laugh harder as she comes back through the wall, clearly entertained. “What did you do this time?” I ask her.

“I jumped onto his back. He got so scared he literally slung me to the kitchen. Do they know I'm coming along with you guys?”

“Yeah. So is Lena, so you'll have a girl to talk to.”

“What about Andrea?”

“She won't go because you're going. Harry's not too happy about it, but he hates you anyway.”

“I can't believe she actually thinks I pushed Jessi,” she says with saddened eyes. “She's supposed to be my friend.”

“Hey,” I say, taking her shoulders in my hands and kissing her lips. “Forget her.”

This tour is going to be so much fun, and when we go to California, I have a little meeting set up with an investigator. I intend to find out why Olivia is invisible to everyone but me, and I hope and pray that I get some answers. But until then, I'll just spend my time performing and hanging out with the girl I'm falling for.






I saw her! I saw my sister for the first time in over a year! It's the last thing I remember before waking up in the hospital. I remember walking down the hallway with Andrea, but the next minute I was standing in this very same hospital room watching the doctors work over my body. Then, I saw her and she helped me. I don't know if it was a dream, but I have every reason to believe it wasn't.

Who was I to think Olivia was bad, and would actually hurt someone? I'm an idiot for thinking she was some evil entity. Not, she's no entity. She's my sister, regardless of her paranormal state. Andrea, however, thinks otherwise.

“I'm telling you, Jessi, it was her! She freaking pushed you and you're not even mad!” she shouts in my hospital room.

“Shut up!” I yell back. “I fell! Nobody pushed me, okay?”

“You're lying, too! I saw you put you foot on that step; you did NOT fall! And if you did, explain how you managed to 'fall' around the corners to the next flight of stairs, Jessi!”

I turn my head away in anger. “I don't care what you say. I know better.”

“Jessi, you heard what the investigator said! None of this stuff was happening until she came around.”

“STOP IT!!” I scream. She's taken aback.

“Fine. If you want to hang around and let some thing torment you, go ahead. But I'm not staying here to watch.” She exits and slams the door behind her. It's impossible. Niall said himself that Olivia was with him the whole time, and I trust his judgment more than I trust my own. It wasn't Olivia. I had to have either fallen, or something else pushed me.

“Hey,” a voice says, opening my door. “Olivia's with me.”

I smile and sit up in bed. “Hey guys.” Niall comes over and slips a big mac and fries from the inside of his jacket. “Oh my god, thank you!” I say with a laugh.

“Figured you'd be sick of the hospital food.”

“You have no idea,” I say with a mouthful. “God this is so good.”

She's really going to town. Was that a voice? I look at over at Niall. “What was that?”

“I didn't say anything.”

“Yes you did, I heard you. You said she's going down, or something.” He looks shocked, looking back and forth from me to Olivia, who is apparently standing next him to him. “What is it?” I finally ask.

“You....” he stutters, “ just heard Olivia speak.”






Two weeks later, on tour, California


“It was fun watching you perform last night,” Olivia says, laying down beside me. “You're really great, you know that?”

“Thanks,” I say with a laugh, kissing her forehead. “I try.”

“I just wish Jessi could have seen it. She's a singer too.”

“Really?” I ask. “I never would have guessed.”

“Yeah, she used to do showcases for producers, but she stopped when I....well, you know.” She cuddles up under my arm and yawns. “Mmm, I'm sleepy.”

“What?” Shocked, I glance down at her, and her eyes are closed.

What the hell? She...fell asleep.

“Thank you for meeting me,” says the investigator. “I hope I can help.”

“I think you can,” I reply, offering him a seat next to me at the cafe. He takes it and allows me to continue. “Over the phone, I told you about this entity pushing Jessi down the stairs, but I'm afraid it's getting worse.”

“Worse than attempted murder?” he says with a smirk. “How?”

“It's tormenting her. She's being haunted, for lack of a better term. I haven't seen her because I'm on tour, but I can tell just by talking to her on the phone that she's terrified. But, that's not why I asked you here. I want to know why my friend Lena and I can see Olivia, but no one else can. And, Jessi started hearing her.”

He smiles and grasps his coffee, studying my situation with keen eyes. “Olivia is something we call a half-light. She's not exactly dead, but she's not alive. She's not a ghost, but she isn't a normal human either. It's very complex, and I need your full attention.”

“Absolutely,” I reply.

“Half-lights have all the normal functions of a regular person, but with the qualities of a ghost. Only a select few people can see them, usually people that are linked to them. You and Olivia are connected. When she was alive, she did something to change or life, or you did something to change hers. The same goes for Lena.”

“But we never met before.”

“Oh, you definitely met. It may have been brief, but you crossed paths. Maybe more than once.”

No matter how I try, I can't for the life of me remember ever meeting Olivia in the past. “I have another question,” I say. “Earlier today, she said she was tired and went to sleep. She usually never sleeps because there's no need to. Why is she sleeping?”

His eyes get big and he pulls out his cell phone, tapping away on the screen. About two minutes pass until finally he lowers his phone and looks at me with shock written across his face. “As I thought,” he murmurs.

“Excuse me?”

He lowers his voice to a whisper and leans in closer. “Over time, half-lights change. They don't stay half-lights forever. They either move on to the hereafter, or they become human. The outcome is based on a black mass that tries to get to them. If it succeeds, the half-light moves on, if not, they eventually become human.”

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