See Through

Olivia Adams isn't alive, but she isn't dead either. Somewhere between heaven and hell lies perpetual purgatory, and she's inevitably stuck in it. There's unfinished business to be tended to, but the question of what it is remains unanswered. She walks the streets of New York City with tears in her eyes, but nobody notices the girl that barely exists. Until a beautiful day. Niall Horan has found her, and he sees and feels and hears her. She's falling in love with him, even though she's frightened since her last lover took her very own life. Through Niall, Olivia is able to reconnect with her sister, Jessi, and exist as if she never left. But, what happens when a dark mass tries to ruin any chance Olivia has of living again? Will the mass get to her, allowing her spirit to move on? Will she be able to fight it off long enough to become human again? Or, will she forever remain see through?


2. She's Not Here


Niall's POV

I can't stop thinking about the girl I met earlier. I'm pretty sure she was there...wasn't she? But Harry didn't see her, and I know for a fact that I did. Then she just disappeared into thin air. My assumption is that Harry was just being a douche and she walked away, offended. Yeah, that's probably it.

After we get back to the hotel, Harry tells the guys that I'm psychotic and I need to see a therapist. “He was introducing me to his imaginary friend,” he says with a snicker. I roll my eyes and slap him on the arm.

“Stop! You made her leave.”

“She was never there in the first place.”

“Niall,” Liam says. “It's good that you met a girl that interests you, but talking to imaginary people is not healthy.”

There he goes again with his big boy pants, telling me how to run my life. “I wasn't. She was there, and Harry refused to acknowledge her and it pissed her off. I'm not an idiot; I know how Harry is.”

“I would never do that to a pretty girl, bro,” Harry replies, seriousness in his voice. “I'm telling you, as a friend to another friend, there was no girl standing beside you.”

“Yeah, sure.” I ball my fists and march myself to my bedroom, slamming the door in anger. It pisses me off that he's being a total jerk, seriously. In all reality, I know myself that she was there and I know she was beautiful and bright.

I wonder why she was crying...maybe she has a Facebook...or a twitter or something.

Logging onto my facebook page, I type “Olivia” in the search bar. There's thousands of them in New York City of course. Maybe I should have asked for her last...wait.

The very first profile picture is definitely her, and there's people talking about her. I click on her profile and what I see is overwhelming and scary. I read the first wall post from a girl named Jessi Adams...”Hey Olivia. Sometimes I come on your profile and just remember good times. I can't believe it's already been a year. There's not a day that goes by where I don't miss seeing your beautiful face, but I know you're in a better place watching over me. I love you, big sister. R.I.P.”

Does that mean she's...???

Knock, knock. “Go away!” I yell at my door. Liam comes in anyway and sits down beside me on my bed. I turn the laptop away from him but he snatches it from me. “Give it back!”

“Is this her?”


“She's beautiful.”

“Liam, give it back!”

“Fine, fine,” he says handing it to me. “I was just messing around. So you really did see her?”

Maybe I shouldn't tell him. I'm pretty freaked out myself knowing that I talked to a dead person. I'm not the one to judge, but the more I think about it, the more it gives me the creeps. “Yeah, I did. But, Harry didn't.”

“He was just being rude.”

“No,” I say, turning the screen toward him and showing him the first wall post. He reads for a moment and looks at me with frightened eyes. “You see dead people,” he says in a monotone, ancient voice and laughs at his own sense of humor. “Niall, I don't know what kind of stunt you're pulling, but it isn't funny. Don't make me call your mother!”

“Puh-lease do. I'd love to hear what she has to say.”

“She'll think you've gone mad.”

“Maybe I have.”

Liam leaves and I'm left to myself. What am I supposed to do? After about an hour of just looking at her profile and contemplating, I decide to send her sister a message.






Jessi's POV

I miss my sister more than anything. That bastard who killed her was put behind bars a few months ago, but there's no real closure. She was my best friend and the only person in the world I trusted. I remember begging her with every fiber in my being to break up with Brian after the first time he beat her. She didn't, of course, because Olivia always marched to the beat of her own drum. She did what she wanted, when she wanted to do it, and nobody could tell her any different.

I sigh and put my headphones on, turning up my favorite song. Sunny days seem to hurt the most, I wear the pain like a heavy coat...I silently sing along and smile to the person across from me on the bus. This is all my life has been since she died. I ride the bus to work, ride it home, and sleep for the rest of my life. There's not much time in between because I'm always thinking of what I'd be doing if she were still here.

But she's not, and it hurts. You'd figure I would've accepted it by now, but she didn't deserve what she got.

Suddenly, I got a notification on my Facebook. I open the app and read my new message. It's kind of odd. Hi, Jessi. My name's Niall. Maybe you've heard of me before? I need to talk to you about something if you don't mind. Can you meet me Friday night around 6? I'll be waiting for you at Ramone's Cafe. I hope you're there, it's very important. Xx

What would Olivia do? I remember her being so kind and open to new ideas. Maybe he found something of mine that I lost and wanted to return it. Or maybe, he knows something about me that I don't. Whatever it is, I agree and tell him I'll be there.

“Hey,” my friend Andrea says as I get of the bus. “I've been waiting for you for thirty damn minutes, woman! Where have you been?”

“I had to take a different bus, sorry,” I apologize. “Look at this, though. I got a message on Facebook from some guy.”

I take out my phone and show her the message and she gasps in excitement. “Jessi! Do you have any idea who that is!?”

“No? Do you?”

“Yes! THAT'S NIALL HORAN!” she squeals, ripping my phone from my hands like a kid in a candy store.

“Who is that?”

She stops and glares at me like I'm the most disgusting person she's ever met. “How dare you say that, Jessi. You should be ashamed. Niall is in One Direction, he's from Ireland, and he's cutest blonde head the world has ever seen!”

“That means nothing to me. But I'm meeting him Friday.”

“I know! And you have to take me! Personally I'd rather meet Harry, but Niall is one step closer, you know?”

“Andrea, come on. He said it's important, so he might not want anyone else to know.”

She frowns and locks arms with me, guiding me down the street. “But I'm your best friend. I won't cause a scene, I swear!”

“We'll see.”

We walk into the art gallery and clock in one by one. Andrea is insane, but she's the best friend a girl could ever ask for, and honestly she has stood by me through the loss of my sister like nobody else has. As for Niall Horan, I don't know what he wants – but I intend to find out.





Olivia's POV

I walk down the street and talk to the people I pass. “That hat looks horrible on you...hey cutie...ew I could throw up on that shirt but it looks like someone already did.” I love to insult them without them knowing. It's like a have a free chance of honesty with no repercussions, and I enjoy it. That's the only good thing that comes from his whole situation.

I can be myself and be fearless of who sees. Hell, I could carelessly pick my nose in public with no shame and it be okay. But of course I would never do that, even if I am dead.

Sometimes I like to go to the art gallery and watch my sister work. She's been working so hard trying to help dad with bills. I hear her talking to her friend Andrea about me, and it makes me a little upset. I don't miss her, however, since I see her all the time. But I do miss talking to her and our late night sleepovers with sad movies and popcorn.

Sisterly bond is a relationship that can't be broken, even by death.

“What are you gonna say when you go meet Niall?” I hear Andrea ask her. They don't even see me standing right beside them. Niall? Didn't I just meet a guy named Niall?

“I'll just ask him what he wants and see what happens.”

“Jessi Marie Adams! You do not just meet Niall Horan and see what happens. You have to have a plan. Put on some nice clothes, do your makeup, and make a date out of it. If you're in luck, some paparazzi might get some shots and think you're dating. Oh, think about it! My best friend dating Niall Horan!”

“Shut up! That's not gonna happen.”

“It has a nice ring to it,” she says in a sing-song voice. I laugh at Jessi getting irritated by her. Andrea has always been adventurous, and Jessi used to be too...until my funeral, that is. It's really unfair that when I died a part of her died too. I think I'll follow her on her so-called “date” with Niall Horan and see if it's the same guy. Until then, I'll just listen to her sweet voice and pretend she's talking to me. To her, I'm a thousand light years away. If only she knew that I'm not...I'm right here beside her.



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