See Through

Olivia Adams isn't alive, but she isn't dead either. Somewhere between heaven and hell lies perpetual purgatory, and she's inevitably stuck in it. There's unfinished business to be tended to, but the question of what it is remains unanswered. She walks the streets of New York City with tears in her eyes, but nobody notices the girl that barely exists. Until a beautiful day. Niall Horan has found her, and he sees and feels and hears her. She's falling in love with him, even though she's frightened since her last lover took her very own life. Through Niall, Olivia is able to reconnect with her sister, Jessi, and exist as if she never left. But, what happens when a dark mass tries to ruin any chance Olivia has of living again? Will the mass get to her, allowing her spirit to move on? Will she be able to fight it off long enough to become human again? Or, will she forever remain see through?


5. Ghostly Feelings


Olivia's POV


I go back to Niall's basically just guilty that I left without saying goodbye. If Jessi's still there I don't know if I'll be happy or sad about it. Honestly, she's getting too close to Niall and I don't really like it per say. Maybe I'm developing some sort of crush, if you can even call it that. But hey, I'm only human. Oh wait, that's right...I'm kind of – ya know, not.

Swearing to myself I'll die if she's here, I walk into the penthouse uninvited. Like I need to be, anyway. Moreover, Andrea and Harry are still cuddled up asleep on the couch. How cute of them to be so ridiculously attached to each other when they barely know each others' names.

Sure enough, I walk through the wall to Niall's room and he and Jessi are lounged on his bed looking at something on the laptop. Niall doesn't notice me, thankfully, but I hear them talking.

“I don't understand,” Jessi says. “How can it be dangerous?”

“Dangerous for me, for you, or for Olivia? Or for all of us?”

Well you got me, I don't know what's so dangerous either, and damn it, I just want to be alone with Niall for a good ten minutes. Is that too much to ask? “Probably for me and you both,” Jessi replies, looking kind of scared. “But Olivia doesn't strike you as dangerous, does she?”

“Not at all. She's actually kind of...sweet.”

Oh god, am I smiling? I can feel all these things in the pit of my stomach. I think it's called butterflies? Something those humans confuse “falling in love” with. “Excuse me?” I say weakly. “What are you talking back.”

“Oh! Olivia, I didn't see you there.”

Jessi gasps and her whole face is brightened by my presence. WHY is she not freaked out that he can see ghosts? Probably the same reason I'm not...

“Guess what, Olivia? We're having a paranormal investigator come to communicate with you,” Jessi says, not even looking directly at me. I should probably find this offensive, but I like talking to people...something I usually don't get to do.

“How nice,” I say sarcastically. Niall repeats what I say as I say it. “Why can't I just communicate with you in a different way?” Niall finishes my sentence and Jessi looks at me confusedly.

Niall does too, so I decide to show them my new skill. “Here, just...” I sit down on the bed and it moves down with my weight. Jessi gasps again, and I realize that all she sees is a small dent in the bed. “Pull up the notepad and put the computer in front of me.”

He does so and I begin to type, hoping this will work. It takes me a couple of tries and too much concentration for my enjoyment, but I go along and finally succeed. My name is Olivia and I'm not alive.

“Oh my god!” Jessi yells, looking at the screen. “Look, Niall! She typed that! She really did it!”

No shit, Jessi. Seriously why are you so surprised?

“Don't get snarky,” she says harshly. “I'm just...overwhelmed.” She starts to cry and I just laugh that she finds this so amazing. Then it hits me. She hasn't seen or heard from me in over a year, and I alone should know how much she's missed me.

I remember when we were kids, she looked up to me, and I was always mean to her. Just like I'm being right now. I couldn't contain the arrogance though. She was the annoying little sister that got away with everything, and I was the devil child that caused all the trouble. I resented her then, but now I regret how our entire relationship ended up.

Sorry, nutterbutt. I'm dead and I have no conscience. Cut me some slack.

“You two argue a lot,” Niall says. “But I think you should show this to the guys so I don't look like a complete mental patient.”

Later. For now, I think you should be worried about Andrea. She's getting a little close with curly boy in there.

Niall laughs and Jessi and I both give him looks of question. “Classic Harry,” he says. “He's a ladies' man.”


“Yeah, a womanizer. Don't worry though, he won't hurt her.”

“He better not,” Jessi replies. “Andy has too much to live for.”

I think they're adorable.





A week later.



Call it love, because that's what it is. Call it cliché because it's that too. If it weren't for Olivia, Jessi would have never came into my life and I swear I'm so grateful. Lately, Jessi and I are inseparable with and without Olivia. Sometimes she seems annoyed that I'm constantly with Jessi, but I just assume it's because she feels like I'm the only person in the world she has. In all reality, I am.

But, on a lighter note, the guys believe me now after Olivia freaked them out with her computer typing. She also convinced us not to invite the investigator over because she will feel “violated.” Honestly I think that's just her way of wanting to stay normal, even though she's the furthest away from that category. She is special, though, I'll give her that.

Not as special as, cliché. Why am I finding myself so wrapped up in her? She's the kind of girl I've always imagined myself with. Smart, laid back, down-to-earth...but I didn't even know a girl like her even existed. But, every time I talk about her with one of the guys, I hear Olivia's voice in my head getting annoyed.

I don't know what to make of that, seeing as how I'm a pretty oblivious person. Oh well. Olivia can do what she wants. As for me, I'll do what I want and get Jessi to go to our dinner party with me. Luckily she agrees, and Olivia accompanies me to pick up my tux.

“Jessi said it's not a date, but I think she likes me. Do you know if she does?”



“You know, you don't have to hang around her so much anymore,” Olivia says, walking down the street with me. “I can talk to her on the computer now. Oh, and she told me what the ghost hunter guy said about this being dangerous.”

“She wasn't supposed to.”

“Actually she was telling Andrea and she didn't know I was there.”

“Well, even so, I like hanging out with her. She's a great person, and a good friend.”

“You've only known her a week,” she says with anger in her voice.

“And I've only known you a week,” I say back with a laugh. “Why do you care so much?” She retreats and doesn't say anything as the people passing give me weird looks. “Remind me to start wearing a bluetooth so people will think I'm on the phone.” She nods and still says nothing. Mute. Silent. Nothing.

I go into the tux shop and pick up my suit for our dinner party tonight. Olivia just stands and waits, which is abnormal so to speak. She's usually full of energy and constantly talking. The girl standing there is different, and I have no idea why.

“Are you okay?” I ask as we exit.

“Yeah, I'm just. I don't know. Thinking I guess.”

“I didn't know you could do that.”

“Of course I can. I may be dead, but I still have a brain.”

I think tonight, I'll ask Jessi on a proper date and see where this thing can go. Olivia can get mad if she wants. I'm going for it.



Author's Note:  Danger is coming, but what could it be? I love reading your comments, and yes I do read them all and reply to every single one. Keep 'em coming!<3

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