See Through

Olivia Adams isn't alive, but she isn't dead either. Somewhere between heaven and hell lies perpetual purgatory, and she's inevitably stuck in it. There's unfinished business to be tended to, but the question of what it is remains unanswered. She walks the streets of New York City with tears in her eyes, but nobody notices the girl that barely exists. Until a beautiful day. Niall Horan has found her, and he sees and feels and hears her. She's falling in love with him, even though she's frightened since her last lover took her very own life. Through Niall, Olivia is able to reconnect with her sister, Jessi, and exist as if she never left. But, what happens when a dark mass tries to ruin any chance Olivia has of living again? Will the mass get to her, allowing her spirit to move on? Will she be able to fight it off long enough to become human again? Or, will she forever remain see through?


22. Attacked


                If Olivia sees Niall with another girl, I know exactly what she’ll do. She’ll go away and disappear again and we won’t see her for months on end. It’ll be like she never tried to come back at all, and I can’t let that happen. “Actually, Louis, why don’t I just give him a call and ask him to come here? Remember he went out to dinner with a friend and I’m sure his friend won’t like it if we just show up there.”

                “Oh! Yeah, you’re probably right,” he says frantically. “Uh – alright. Yeah give him a –”

                A large zap comes from up above us and the lights flick, causing Andrea, Olivia, and I all to jump. “What the hell was that?” Andrea asks, grabbing her chest. “It sounded like lightening.”

                “Probably just the breaker,” Louis replies, standing to find the circuit board. “Happens all the time.”

                It zaps again, only this time the lights blow. “Guys,” Olivia says cautiously. “We have company.”

                The windows across the lounge fly open and gusts of wind circle through the air, whipping around our hair and tearing our skin with piercing cold breezes. That smell. That smell that I’d grown so accustomed to fills my nose. Lavender and vanilla. I swear I can’t put my finger on it, but it smells so familiar. It always has, but I’m never able to figure it out.

                Olivia shrieks in terror, and I know what’s happening. She sees it. Louis flips the breaker and the lights come back on…and I see it too. That swarming mass of black and red, spinning and contorting, ready to eat her alive if that’s what it takes. It tries to get to her but she keeps staring at it, glaring, squinting. Probably thinking of love or whatever she does to keep it away.

                But it’s only going to keep it away for so long before it overcomes her.



                Call me crazy, call me idiotic, I don’t care. I can’t take the stress and the pain that comes with this anymore. Zoey is here and she’s  great, but this whole “moving on” thing isn’t going exactly how I planned. You can’t give a girl one hundred percent if half of your heart belongs to someone else. It just doesn’t work that way, and somehow I’ve come to terms with the fact that if I can’t have Olivia, then I don’t want anyone. Maybe that’s selfish of me, but I have to protect my own well-being here.

                Zoey and I sit down to eat and everything is going well as I knew it would, but if we’re being honest there’s no spark here. I do like her, but I just don’t feel like she poses as anything special to me, and I know that’s just because I miss what I could’ve had. Guilt overcomes me as I spread out the words in my head, evaluating and choosing them carefully.

                “This is great,” she says, taking a bite of her food. “You really know how to pick a good place.”

                “This is my favorite place, actually. You didn’t know that?”

                She shakes her head no, while I can’t help but think, Olivia would have known that. I can’t blame Zoey for the way I’m feeling, and I swear I’m not trying to. It’s probably best to end this before it gets any further and really hurts her. “Listen, Zoey,” I start to say, but my phone buzzes. “Shit, it’s Harry.”

                “Go on and answer it,” she says. “I’ll wait here.”

                I step outside and answer his call. He sounds a little panicked. “Damn it, Niall I’ve been trying to call you for half an hour!”

                “I’m sorry I just now felt it vibrate.”

                “Mate, listen. Louis has been trying to get a hold of you too but you wouldn’t answer. He called me and listen, you have to get down there right now!! I can’t explain everything I just know that Andrea’s there with Olivia and shit is getting real!”

                Wait a second. Did he just say….?

                “What? Olivia? My Olivia?”

                “Yes! Just – damn Niall just go!!”

                He clicks the phone off and million thoughts race through my head. Was this some kind of joke? How could she be here? She couldn’t have come back again. Or did she really leave at all? Should I go? But what about Zoey? Olivia is more important than Zoey right now, whatever is happening at Louis’ could be bad.

                I turn and look through the window at her eating, sitting there politely while I’m gone. She doesn’t even know the half of it. She could never understand me or what I went through and what I’m going through. Whoever falls in love with her will be a lucky guy, but he won’t be me. I’ve already fallen for a see through girl that sat on a dirty sidewalk in New York crying her eyes out. She stole my heart, and it’s hers forever.

                “I’m sorry Zoey,” I whisper, taking my keys out of my pocket. I have to go get the girl of my dreams.






                “JESSI!!!!” I scream as a vase flies toward the wall and shatters right beside her. She screams out in fear as I’m tossed into the air. The mass has me, and this time, it’s not letting go.




A/N: Hey guys! I know this is a super short chapter, but I just wanted to post something to let you guys know that the story will be updated quite a bit. I had some complications with moving, and it damaged my laptop so I wasn't able to write anything. I then started using my phone, which was kind of inconvenient. So now that I have a reliable computer and plenty of free time, I'm going to be writing on this until it's finished. I'm so sorry for the insane wait, but I promise you guys that it's gonna be worth it! There will be 3 to 5 more chapters. I'm not sure how many more just yet, but several of them are going to be pretty long, so bear with me! I hope you guys will love it! And I love ya'll :) <3 Xxx

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